Schumacher’s ultrachic collaboration with Workstead illuminates how to apply your maximalist aesthetic—even to the sconces.Gable in Hill; Shaded Gable in Hill shown against Schumacher’s iconic Rolling Hills fabricShaded Gable in Hill shown against Schumacher’s iconic Rolling Hills fabric, which dates to 1960.

“Our goal was to create a series of distinct fixtures that pushed the wall sconce typology in a new direction, through the rich pairing of Schumacher fabrics with three architectural shapes,” remarks Robert Highsmith, principal at Workstead of its newly debuted Shaded collection in collaboration with Schumacher. “Accessing Schumacher’s encyclopedic catalog of fabric,we chose fabrics that infuse the three sconce types with color, pattern and texture to create our most dynamic line of sconces to date,” he adds.Shaded Gable in HillShaded Gable in Hill

The series includes three of Workstead’s streamlined shapes (Vault, Gable and Block)— each paired with a signature fabric from Schumacher’s archive (Woodland Silhouette, Rolling Hills and Floreana). The marriage of the two houses results in architectural light fixtures that explore natural themes—woodland, garden and hill—in both fabric and form. “When the light comes on,” Highsmith says, “everyone wants to touch the walls and the fixtures. This goes back to a core Workstead principle of tangibility: We always want to design products people are moved to touch and interact with.”Shaded Vault in WoodlandShaded Vault in Woodland