As this year’s winter season approaches, temperatures are dropping, Mariah Carey’s sales are rising, and interior designers are transforming their homes into cozy cottages. Minimalism is not making the cut this year; instead, decor decisions should be about cuddled-up comfort when it comes to 2022’s winter home design trends. Transform your home from an apartment to a charming cottage tucked away in the mountains with these seven decorating tips. By following these simple suggestions, your home will be the warm and welcoming envy of all your friends.

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Mix Patterned Quilts And Pillows

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The easiest way to transform your living area into a cushy, intimate space is by adding plush, textured throws and pillows. Not only are quilted blankets and cushions nostalgic, but they also add a comforting layer of warmth and color. Traditionally, cottages consist of a plethora of hand-me-down items, so focus on using different patterns to add the eclectic element synonymous with these alluring lodges. Try a combination of snug patterns like checkered, tartan, tweed, and damask. Get a pillow like the ones above here.

Ornate Candle Holders

A simple yet effective way to switch up your design elements from cool summer to warm winter is by replacing your candle holders with ornate, gold, and gaudy materials. Displaying candle sticks in a vintage-inspired dress will add the iconic warmth and nostalgia reminiscent of the seasonally-loved charming cottages without even having to light the wick. Get a pair of ornate scones like the ones above here.

Display Evergreen

Whether a garland, a wreath, or a tree, displaying a bit of evergreen inside the home during Christmastime is never out of style. Try opting for real leaves rather than artificial ones for the added authenticity you would expect from cozy cabins. For a rounded experience, employing evergreen throughout the home is a surefire way to keep from decorating too eclectically where it could feel overwhelming. Touches of green at the entryway, living room and kitchen can help tie each room together, creating seamless transitions throughout the home. Get a classic evergreen wreath here.

Look For Rustic Pieces

This winter season, skip the classic home stores and head to your local consignment shop to search for your 2022 decor pieces. Adding eye-catching, pre-loved items to your home will make you feel like you are on a daily winter getaway at the most charming bed-and-breakfast. Stray away from the minimalistic interiors of the white and cold past and make your house feel like a home. Pieces like old dogsleds, alpine skis, and well-worn ice skates are the perfect add-ons to any area reminiscent of a Christmas village where all there is to drink is hot cocoa and cider. If you don’t have the extra time to search for a one-of-a-kind piece, try websites like Poshmark or Mercari, where the work has been done for you.

DIY Dried Fruit

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When life gives you lemons, make a dried fruit garland. Get your craft on with a trendy uncomplicated decor item: dried fruit. Following the all-natural elements defining this year’s winter interiors, lemons and oranges aren’t just making an appearance in your cider. The first step is to choose your fruit, slice it into even pieces, and bake in the oven for a few hours at 150 degrees F, occasionally flipping. After the slices are nice and dry, it’s up to you how to use them. A classic and simple technique is to treat the fruit like a garland, poking holes into each and eventually stringing them together for the perfect mantle garnish.

Classic Aromas

Many smells are associated with the most wonderful time of the year, so fill your rooms with scents of the season by purchasing Christmas candles or diffusers reminiscent of the holiday. The list of season-defining scents is endless: straight-out-the-oven gingerbread, crackling wood-burning fireplaces, freshly cut evergreens, or spiced egg nog. So, choose the smell that speaks to your most fond frosty memories, or opt for a new aroma that will always remind you of your cozy cottage winter of 2022. Get the Nest Birchwood Pine candle and diffuser set shown above here.

Natural Elements

The interior design trends of this year’s winter season can be placed under the umbrella of natural design, placing a significant emphasis on elements of the outdoors and bringing them inside. We especially are witnessing the wide employment of dark wood throughout the home, whether it be ceilings and columns, floors, furniture, doors, or windows. However, you don’t have to do any drastic renovations to get the look, try adding dark woods in less permanent ways, like adding a stack of firewood in the living room or placing a large butcher's block in the center of your countertop. Get a log rack like the one above here.