Window insert brand Indow is making it easier for New Yorkers to do their part in combating both climate change and the noisy sounds of the city.

Indow inserts lower carbon footprints without sacrificing style. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
Indow inserts lower carbon footprints without sacrificing style.

“In my previous career 25 years ago, I carpooled with PhDs in climate science and energy policy,” explains Sam Pardue, founder and CEO of window insert brand Indow. “It’s been scary to see so many things we talked about happening faster and worse than expected.” Since that car ride, Pardue and his team at Indow have been offering home and business owners comfort-boosting window solutions that are energy efficient—and aesthetically pleasing—to help combat the threat of climate change. “Installing Indow inserts is one of the most important, and easy, things people can do to reduce their carbon footprint,” he says. “Plus, our Acoustic Grade product blocks up to 70% of noise coming through your windows.” It’s no wonder that the product has become a top seller in the noisy New York market, and has helped Indow become the unit volume leader for window soundproofing in the country, which Pardue notes is a pleasant surprise that was not part of the original plan.

Up next for the brand? “We are currently in beta sales with our IndowKIT product, which offers lower- to moderate-income communities access to comfort and lower energy bills,” Pardue reveals, adding that Indow also plans to implement it among the city’s skyline. “We have a version of this product for commercial buildings, which will help make NYC’s skyscrapers a lot greener with a truly cost-effective solution.” It seems the future is bright—and green—thanks to Indow.