If you want to know what lies beneath, spend a few hours at Underfoot and you’ll feel like you just completed a crash course in modern flooring materials. The 8000 SF to-the-trade showroom in Scottsdale’s Airpark District displays a dazzling array of rug and carpet samples, not to mention hardwood flooring, tile and more. When visiting our showroom, designers and their clients are immediately greeted with a world class selection of fashion driven products all in one glance. Our product mix is extensive, and our custom capabilities are unlimited. Flooring options are limitless and new technologies have made products user friendly.


Equally impressive is the experienced team running the showroom- people who really know how to connect a design professional with the right product. Deanna, Steve and Stanley know their way around hundreds of product lines the showroom carries including several exclusive to Arizona. With their combined expertise of over one hundred years, you will be guided by a staff with notable experience in the industry. Underfoot has the reputation of inspiring fashion forward lifestyles with the refined elegance and esthetics of sophisticated floor and wall coverings.


Underfoot has been revered with the distinction of being named Design Product Icons in Sources for Design Magazine. As soon as you step into our showroom, you will know why we have been bestowed with this esteemed award. It’s all in keeping with Underfoot’s official stated vision: To be honored as the most sought after, preeminent interior design supply source to the trade in the Southwest


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Phone: 480-222-1120
7850 E. Evans Rd., Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85260