Striking custom patterns, a seamless layout and luxurious textiles come together in this Upper East Side abode.


Vibrant colors and eclectic decor give this home a unique charm.

Celebrated designer Phillip Thomas unveiled this vivid Upper East Side apartment design. Standard home features, from the sofas to walls and ceilings, are enhanced by ebullient wallpapers and fabrics custom-made by Phillip Thomas and specialty design showrooms and galleries, making the space feel extraordinary. Thomas worked in collaboration with architect Patrick Gerard Carmody on his second New York City apartment design project for this client.


The entryway features custom Gracie wallpaper and gorgeous light fixtures.

Intended for a fun-loving, dynamic family, the stunning home was designed as a functional space additionally fit for entertaining. The vibrant entryway is embellished with emerald, floral Gracie custom wallpaper and an eye-catching jewel-toned console that assures that the space is unlike anywhere else.


A photograph by Christopher Gates Scott hangs in the family room.

Red-lacquered walls adorn the family room, and moldings bring animation to the vibrant space. With a mixture of gold prints and blue velvet pillows, the bold room presents the perfect space for hosting company.


Pieds de Bouc contemporary stool by Marc Bankowsky stands in the gallery.

When discussing the prewar building built in 1929, Thomas notes, “It always requires lots of foresight when incorporating modern conveniences in minimally invasive ways within these older buildings.” With careful attention to detail and an ambition to create something truly spectacular, Thomas was able to imagine a vivacious living space rich in daring, supersaturated tones and motifs, reflecting the personalities of the owners.

The apartment is anything but conventional. Thomas emphasizes that he “reimagined the traditional use of rooms into spaces that would accommodate an energetic family.” In doing so, the dining space was incorporated into the breathtaking living room, giving the apartment a harmonious layout. The living room features walls finished with custom-painted crosshatch patterns by artist Andrew Tedesco, along with a collection of bronze vases by Jaimal Odedra. Printed fabrics are an unmistakable staple in this residence. With armchairs enveloped in multicolored fabric by Quadrille and ottomans in tiger print velour by Nobilis, the artistic qualities of the home are boundless.


A Governor’s Palace mirror from Global Views hangs above the fireplace in the living room.