natural fiber pouf

Ivory and khaki jute and chenille square pouf

Remember during the pandemic when everyone was stuck at home and suddenly became very invested in redecorating their space?

It makes sense. The more time you spend living, resting and working at home, the more you need your home to reflect your style and your needs.

Some like to refresh their home for the seasons, and some like to keep-up with emerging trends, but the constant turnover of fad-chasing home goods leads to a lot of furniture in landfills—12.1 million tons in 2021, to be exact.

Jessica Harris, manager of production design at Living Spaces, believes we can make smarter, more sustainable choices.

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“While installing rooftop solar panels or placing a compost bin in your backyard are great ways to create an environmentally friendly home, there are interior design choices you can make that also work to reduce your environmental impact,” she says.

jessica harris

Jessica Harris

For Harris, that starts with incorporating pieces that boast clean lines, simple details and timeless elegance.

“Incorporating timeless décor and furniture is a great way to make your home more sustainable because you aren’t constantly purchasing and discarding items according to the latest trend,” she says. “While it can be exciting to follow the latest interior design trends, constantly purchasing and discarding new pieces of furniture and décor means more waste in landfills and more money coming out of your pocket.”

So, what does Harris recommend? Here are a few of her sustainable and beautiful home decor go tos:

Valencia Trestle Dining Table

Valencia Trestle Dining Table

“I always recommend starting with furniture items like couches, tables and beds when looking to create a timeless home because they are the centerpiece items that many people like to decorate around,” Harris says. “I personally love trestle dining tables, such as the Valencia Trestle Dining Table, because they never go out of style and complement an array of home aesthetics.”

“I also think chesterfield sofas are great additions to any home,” Harris continues, “due to their distinctive look and feel they bring to a space. One of my current favorites is the Matteo Estate sofa by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, which is not only sleek and stylish but is also made of eco-friendly materials.”

brown wood stool

Square bamboo stool

“Another way to create a more sustainable home is to integrate pieces made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo, eucalyptus or jute,” she says. “These materials don’t require much processing and are very durable, which means your furniture will stand the test of time. I love using the hand-crafted square bamboo stool, especially for outside spaces, because of its multifunctionality and transitional style.”

“I also suggest placing jute poufs,” she says, “such as the ivory and khaki jute and chenille square pouf, throughout your home because they stay cozy and soft through years of regular use due to their resilient fibers. They are also a very versatile design that can be used for extra seating, as well as a little table for snacks.”

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