Thom Felicia

New York - President & Founder of Thom Filicia Inc.

What first sparked your interest in interiors or design? I was put in an advanced art program in sixth grade and started designing houses. That was the springboard that led me to realize I loved design, and I never looked back.

What is a design trend you are loving at the moment? I’m loving that people are engaged with design on all levels and there are no rules. People are finding their unique combinations, mixing high, medium and low in interesting ways to tell their authentic stories.

What is a design trend that you hate and are so over? I am over the idea of formulaic design—design should reflect the place and point of view of the people that live there!

How do you weave your sense of style into everything you do (fashion, etc.)? It’s about thoughtfully distilling a point of view to create the authentic, personalized and bespoke design that reflects the architecture, location and lifestyle of the people that live there.

Who are some of your favorite “secret” sources for projects? I have my own showroom in NYC called Sedgwick & Brattle and also really love shopping throughout the New York Design Center. I also love to travel to international and domestic shows to see new and exciting products and find one-of-a-kind pieces at various markets around the country, like Roundtop in Texas and Brimfield in Massachusetts.

Wallpaper or paint? Wallpaper and paint (depending on the situation)! However, wallpaper is something that has grown into more of a wallcovering—the textures, patterns and materials have become more innovative, offering wallcovering products that can be used in so many different ways to elevate the look, depth and personality of a space.

Antique or reproduction? Antique—but I think that mixing antique pieces with contemporary pieces is the way to go!

What is your favorite color palette to use in projects currently? Slate blue gray.

What is a timeless design moment that you think will never go out of style? True American design, which I see as a simplification of European forms (I use as inspiration in a lot of my product design), is a style of design that I don’t think will ever go out of style. It’s clean and classic with beautiful symmetry and balance.

What is the best bang for the buck when it comes to making a big impact on a project? Addressing the fifth wall (aka the ceiling) with great color, texture or pattern—it adds an unexpected layer to the space and is a great way to have a big impact with a small budget!

What do you wish more of your clients understood? I wish they’d trust the professional process and have confidence in their preferences, point of view, and the team that they bring to the project to bring that point of view to life.

Photography by: Photo courtesy of Thom Filicia Inc.