The newest Silestone collection, Le Chic, is inspired by the beauty of nature and takes a leap forward in veiend-patterned surfacing. Its aesthetic is inspired by natural stones and brings to life the charm of Parisian and Victorian Spaces. With this collection, Silestone revisits classic shades through a modern lens bringing to life six unique shades that feature rich-colored backgrounds with expressive veining and metallic accents.

The colors of the collection feature a dynamic range: from whites to grays, and even black and brown shades.

Eclectic Pearl: Features delicate veining, texture, and metallic accents across the whole surface, like delicate diamonds on jewelry.

Eclectic Pearl Kitchen

Versailles Ivory: A white shade with gradient effects and defined veins hypnotize the viewer with the flickering light of its golden metallic sparkles.

Versailles Ivory Bathroom

Victorian Silver: Created a marbling effect with metallic sparkles. Its cold white background is a perfect canvas for dark patterns with silver tones.

Victorian Silver Kitchen

Parisien Bleu: A deep bluish tone with a powerful character. Inspired by the shades seen in famous Imperial Roman stones combined with fine ochre-toned veins.

Perisien Bleu Kitchen

Bohemian Flame: Presents subtle sinuous veins with metallic copper inlays. It is inspired by the movement of the golden flows of lava that generate scars on volcanic soil.

Bohemian Flame Bathroom

Romantic Ash: Large rivers and incrustations of grains in various sizes awaken memories of a milky way visible in a clear starry sky.

Romantic Ash Kitchen

Le Chic is produced through a more sustainable manufacturing process: HybriQ+. It is manufactured with 99% reused water, 100% electric energy from renewable sources, and a minimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass, in its composition.

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