From a young age, owner and principal Ron Jones of R. Jones Designs, Inc. knew that “designer” was a moniker he’d hold. “Why pass through life without emotion and beauty?” he asks. Through exploring his passions, he knows that what inspired him was not just creating beauty, but “enriching others.”


This means creating memorable moments that cause people to pause. “Connection drives us as humans — our connection to experience, to individuals, groups, objects and spaces,” he says. “We allow people to fully embrace the experience of a space by using details in the design that cultivate these moments of meaning.” For example, a recent office space was built out with a custom coffee bar that sets the stage for connection to happen organically.

All of these connections create “the vibe.” This is where it’s at for Jones, and he’s unapologetic about it. “We aren't bashful about creating a ‘mood.’ All spaces should evoke emotion and enrich those who experience them while fostering connection,” he says.


Jones measures his success through growth rather than accolades. It’s how he knows he’s on the right track. Jones notes, “Over the years, it has been amazing to watch not only our projects grow, but also our team. I remember cutting my chops in set design. Now, we have an office and several team members. That always feels like a success.”

R. Jones Designs, Inc.

659 Auburn Ave NE Suite 118, Atlanta, GA 30312