We have The Laundress co-founder Lindsey Boyd to thank for elevating laundry day to something simply sublime. We polled the style-setter for her laundry list of what's next—and how she outfits her daily grind.


What is new and next for you? Between my two brands, The Laundress and Rondel, there are a few things I am most excited about. First, The Laundress—we recently launched our collaboration with Aera, which features our top-selling scents in a new home fragrance collection. We also launched a new candle in a scent I helped formulate, No. 723 (damask rose). For Rondel, the vintage-inspired fine jewelry brand I launched last year—think modern heirloom aesthetic and storytelling on a chain—I'm so excited for our first pop-up in NYC at Figure Eight in Soho, open [until] December. We are also launching BYO personalized gold letter cubes and enamel bead bracelets late fall. This collection is called The Chloe, which is inspired by my daughter and her love for beading. The collection is also more sustainable, which was very important to me... no plastic, not gold-filled or made of resin.

The Laundress No. 723 laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and spray. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE LAUNDRESS
The Laundress No. 723 laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and spray.

What first inspired you to launch the line? For The Laundress: I was working at Chanel and spending an exorbitant amount of money dry-cleaning my wardrobe, only to have items returned ruined and just not clean. As a solution, I started handwashing my items in the bathroom sink of my fifth-floor walk-up apartment—I knew from my background in textile science at Cornell that up to 90% of fabrics could be washed at home, meaning there is very little you actually need to dry-clean. There were no detergents on the market that allowed you to care for delicate items without the dry-cleaning process, so my business partner and I decided to use our expertise to develop a line of consumer-centric, plant-based fabric care that anyone could purchase. I also wanted to create an amazing, unique laundry experience for people that would transform a mundane, everyday task into a luxurious experience. We launched the company with 13 products in 2004, and in 2019 we were acquired by Unilever.

For Rondel: My grandmother's charm collection inspired the launch of Rondel. I loved the storytelling of her charm bracelets and necklaces, and how she could share who she was at different points in her life through her charms—each engraved with 'love letters' from my grandfather. I also love that she wore them against her skin, and now I can too! I cherish them. I want to give this experience to my children, a new heirloom. Not vintage, not disposable charms or fast-fashion charms—something that will last and can be worn now and for generations to come. This is definitely not your grandmother's charm necklace; it's that and so much more!


laundress top picks

Wash tub basin, thelaundress.com

“The Laundress accessories such as our sorters and laundry baskets all feature in my laundry room. I also travel with our laundry bags as managing your dirty laundry is essential when you are on the go.”


laundress top picks

Brabantia Linn clothes rack, brabantia.com

“A drying rack is also essential for air-drying, which I do a lot of. I love this rack!”


laundress top picks

Colonial sink fitting, peguerin.com

“I love all the P.E. Guerin hardware.”


laundress top picks

Floor mat, chilewich.com

“I love these woven floor mats from Chilewich because they are so chic. They come in so many different patterns, but they are also so durable and washable!”


laundress top picks

Julie Neill for Visual Comfort Clarice double sconce, circalighting.com

“I’m obsessed with sconces in general; they add a new dimension to a room and really shift the focal point of a particular area. Circa Lighting has the best selections, across the board.”


laundress top picks

Weezie towels, weezietowels.com

“I have these Japanese towels that I love for hands, and Weezie towels for bathing. Pool towels—Turkish Haremlique—dry easily. I also love my blue-and- white Kassatex towels for the beach and pool in Shelter Island, and all- white towels from Frette.”