International marble manufacturer TEMMER ensures quality and efficiency for the Atlanta buyer thanks to a direct-to-consumer business model.
TEMMER CEO Kourosh Fatemi leans on a piece of his Calacatta Lucina stone. PHOTO BY PATRICK HEAGNEY
TEMMER CEO Kourosh Fatemi leans on a piece of his Calacatta Lucina stone.

Blue Galaxy stone used for a sitting area in the primary bathroom of a home PHOTO COURTESY OF TEMMER MARBLE
Blue Galaxy stone used for a sitting area in the primary bathroom of a home

TEMMER believes that every natural stone has its own beauty. All man-made alternatives are simply trying their best to emulate what nature itself created. With this love of natural stone at the core of everything it does, TEMMER offers its clients a unique experience to own nature’s bounty without monopolizing their entire design budget. TEMMER CEO Kourosh Fatemi has rejuvenated and simplified the marble procuring process for his North American clients by eliminating the middle man in marble manufacturing. Having been in the marble business for 28 years, Fatemi was privy to the 40% to 50% markup that is added before the marble even makes its way to the buyer. TEMMER eliminates this markup entirely, thanks to its company-owned natural stone quarry in Turkey. “We own the quarry where the stone is mined, we own the factory it is transported to for slicing and we sell directly to the buyer,” says Fatemi. “Not only is the quality there—we have some of the best natural stone in the world—but we’ve eliminated extra costs associated with procuring marble because we are doing it all ourselves.” On top of this direct process from quarry to home, TEMMER is leading the industry in ways to ensure the life span and quality of the stone. “We’ve recently invested in a machine that reinforces the stone block before cutting to ensure stronger slabs,” says Fatemi. “It’s previously been custom to go 3-centimeter thickness for slabs for no breakage, but today, with this new technology, we ensure 2-centimeter thickness is just as durable—not to mention saves the client money.” Of course, slabs aren’t the only thing TEMMER offers; shop a custom collection of tiles and mosaics, as well as architectural items. If you dream of walls, sinks, tubs and mantels all made of marble, TEMMER can do that for you. Set to open in March, TEMMER is adding a brand-new slab gallery just minutes from ADAC. This new gallery welcomes both interior designers and homeowners alike looking to upgrade their space without upgrading prices and downgrading quality. Plus, alongside the opening, TEMMER is launching a brand-new process that makes TEMMER marble 100% anti-etch and anti-stain. “A lot of people turn to man-made stone because of the anti-etch appeal,” says Fatemi. “Now, they don’t have to compromise and get the best of both worlds.” 3084 Roswell Road NW,

Arabescato stone used for a bathroom and shower. PHOTO COURTESY OF TEMMER MARBLE
Arabescato stone used for a bathroom and shower