Switching out your entire interior for each season is not sustainable, though we all wish it were. Get cozy with this year's autumn design, it's out with the light wood and in with the dark. The only bright color that is surviving the seasonal change is green, and maybe purple. Don't worry; you won't have to purchase an emerald velvet couch to be on trend. Here are six subtle and stylish ways to transform your home before December comes around (and you have to do it all over again).

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Showcase Stems And Branches

Turn down the brightness in your kitchen by adding this simple cozy staple. Real or fake, stems and branches will be the centerpiece of your dreams. Try to choose stems with deep fall hues like copper, brown, and burgundy. Place the branches in your favorite earthy vase and light a crackling candle for all the snuggly feels.

Patterned And Textured Throws

Nothing says fall like wrapping yourself in a blanket burrito and watching Hocus Pocus, but your regular, old blankets won't work. Switch out your bright pillows and blankets for ones that have muted colors and wooly textures. Opt for traditional fall colors or deep neutrals, bonus points for plaid!


Adding vintage candlesticks is the best way to make your home a little more like Dracula's. Brass and wrought iron candlesticks are perfect for a Victorian vibe, or you can opt for more fall colors and silvers for a spookier feeling. If you are looking for a more eye-catching design, try to find a candle that has been whittled into a pattern you enjoy.

Vintage Details

Contrary to popular belief, thrifting is not out. Head to your local thrift store and try to find vintage details to spice it up. Deep blues with intricate patterns are a perfect addition to any space. If you're in a smaller apartment or looking for more minor changes, opt for more manageable switches, such as replacing your lampshade with an off-white pleat. Even additions of floral knick knacks like a jewelry holder would add the perfect touch this season.

Gallery Wall

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There are many ways to do a gallery wall; this is a beautiful option if you want personalization. Play around with this one by switching out frames and arrangements to get your wonderful collection. Adding gold frames will give it the vintage details that are popular now. Look on sites like Juniper Print Shop to find endless options of stunning prints to put inside your frames.

Stovetop Potpourri

You've got the candles and the blankets, but something else is missing: fall scents! Light up your stove and choose your prettiest pot to make the ultimate fall stovetop potpourri. Incorporate autumn smells throughout your home by adding your favorite citrus and spices. Fill your nose and your home with notes of the harvest season.