With jewelry fads constantly changing, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest trends.

Is wearing mixed metals still socially acceptable? Are we still stacking six Cartier Love Bracelets like Kylie Jenner did in her King Kylie Era?

Lucky for you, we’ve connected with industry expert and style maven, Stephanie Gottlieb, who has a pulse on all things bling.

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Through her social-first business strategy, Stephanie has built a loyal customer base (with over 400K followers on Instagram) and the one-of-a-kind jewelry empire she runs today.


Since completing her Diamond Certification in 2013, Stephanie has been committed to providing the finest quality of jewelry, upholding the most transparent and fair practices in the industry, and lending an education to the bridal purchasing process.

Her expertise in diamonds, blended with her mission to inspire customers to embrace their uniqueness through jewelry, allows Stephanie to create pieces that are sophisticated and pack major personality.

From bringing new life to heirlooms and unworn jewelry pieces through SG Revamps to signature styles like the Slider Bangle™that quickly became a cult favorite, Stephanie has modernized fine jewelry for today’s consumer.


Gottlieb has cultivated a very strong celebrity following, which includes Bethenny Frankel, Kyle Richards, Jena Sims, Glennon Doyle, and Abby Wambach, amongst others.

The queen of diamonds herself is here to reveal the top jewelry trends of 2022.

Two-Stone Designs Are Trending

1-0235.jpgFrom recent celebrity engagements to more casual pieces like our Carrie Ring (inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's 2 infamous SATC engagements), we're seeing two stone combos popping up everywhere in jewelry!

Enamel Is Still Trending

2-0173.jpgTrends come and go, but enamel has stayed. We just introduced our new GLITTER collection to take the fun to a new level!

Heart-Shaped Gemstones

3-0169.jpgForget wearing your heart on your sleeve, it’s all about wearing your heart on your neck! Heart-shaped gemstones are being used in all different ways; in particular, we're seeing a lot of heart-shaped solitaire necklaces.

Funky Hoops

hoop.jpgHoops are always on-trend, but this year I think we'll see new and unique materials and shapes. Our enamel box hoops instantly became a best-seller when we launched in January!

Rainbow Everything

5-0107.jpgRainbow continues to hold strong, and we're seeing Rainbow being used in traditional styles and silhouettes for a more playful take on the classics.

Butterflies Are Back!

6-0092.jpgFollowing a series of Y2 K-inspired trends, butterflies are back in full force for 2022. We are leaning in with our new flutter collection.


7-0057.jpgMaybe it's the return of SJP to the screen, but nameplates have made a huge comeback! Personalized pieces are always best-sellers for SG, but this year our Bubble Necklace can be seen on influencers and celebrities across the board!

Charm Necklaces

8-0034.jpgWe're so excited for the return of the Charm Necklace; our Pave Lock charm gives the perfect layering option to create more dimension and provide more room for your charms!

Paperclips Are Everywhere

9-0017.jpgYou will see this trend on bracelets, necklaces, anklets, even earrings! We love our paperclip necklace with diamond sections, that instantly elevates your look and gives off an edgy-girl vibe.

Princess Di Halo

10-0016.jpgThe Princess Di Halo has taken over as the new statement cocktail ring style. We’ve created our "sunburst halo" in several color and size variations.

Waterfall Earrings

11-0011.jpgWaterfall earrings were all over the catwalk at Fashion Week, and we've got this gorgeous statement drop earring that will be a go-to for SG Brides in 2022.