From the moment you break ground on your dream home, Southern Luxury Homes brings your vision to life at every step of the process. Kevin Aycock, founder and principal of Southern Luxury Homes, has worked tirelessly to curate a praised and trusted team. Here, Aycock reveals the method behind the madness and knack for overall timeless design and why everyone wants to work with them. 1011 Park Place Blvd, Greensboro,


How do you approach the design process for your luxury homes? What are some key principles or styles that define a Southern Luxury Home?

It starts with a conversation. I get to know the customers and understand what they want and what style they are trying to achieve. Once I have a good understanding of them, I can choose the correct architect for them. I then work very closely with them and the architect to make sure the plans are reaching their potential. I encourage the customer to push the envelope to make the home cooler than they ever imagined.

Can you walk me through the typical timeline and process of building a luxury home?

It starts with picking a homesite, having lots of conversations, getting to know them, introducing the architect, a few weeks of design, and then pairing the right interior designer to complement what we have been working on. If most of the hard decisions are already made, the construction phase will be a blast for the customer. They can see all the hard work come together and enjoy the process.

What are some of the most unique or standout features of the homes you’ve built?

A lion’s head as a fireplace mantel, glass ceilings, bowling alleys, and golf simulators. Recently, saunas and cold plunges have become very popular. We are also building on larger lots and building with the natural habitat. That includes pools formed around giant boulders and treehouses high in the trees.

What are some current trends or innovations in luxury home design and construction that you find particularly exciting or influential?

I don’t think construction is a trend but an evolution: We are building better, stronger, more durable structures than ever before. We are using real products, from exterior stone, beams, slate and cedar roofs to marble and quartzite countertops, wide plank hardwoods, marble tiles, and true custom cabinetry. In my world, the days of man-made and prefab products are pretty much over.

Are there any upcoming projects or developments that you’re especially excited about?

There are several upcoming projects that I am very excited about. We will have to do another interview down the road so I can share them with you.