The South End is welcoming a new luxury residence to the neighborhood—maybe you’ve heard of its sibling, The Smith No. 89?Smith No. 99’s resortlike rooftop PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SMITH NO. 99
Smith No. 99’s resortlike rooftop

Boston may be famous for its historic brownstones, but there’s something about a stunning new building with all the bells and whistles that pulls us in. Enter Th e Smith No. 99 ( This contemporary and artistically inspired property features 12 floors with 304 units. Whether you choose a studio, one, two- or three-bedroom adobe, all residents can enjoy over-the-top amenities like a two-story roof deck, pet spa, yoga studio equipped with The Mirror, multiple work-from-home spaces, sun deck, courtyard and more. Here, Mat Scheller, senior project manager at Legg at McCall Properties, dishes on what Bostonians can expect from the new haven.

Photos: The property’s outdoor spaces create a metropolitan oasis for residents PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SMITH NO. 99
Photos: The property’s outdoor spaces create a metropolitan oasis for residents

How does The Smith No. 99 differ from the already existing The Smith No. 89?“The Smith No. 89 embodies curated design with refined craftsmanship. The Smith No. 99 exhibits raw artisanry where traditional crafts are reinterpreted with a contemporary attitude.”

How would you describe the interior design style of The Smith No. 99?“Entering The Smith No. 99, one notices the abundance of natural light set off by raw craft finishes. Ample panoramic windows look at the courtyard, greenway, streetscapes and sky views, while a two-story atrium with a business center overlooks a lush courtyard. Interior finishes juxtapose contrasting textures, such as live-edge monkey-pod wood slabs with blackened steel metal accents and lacy laser-cut acoustic panels from recycled plastics with raw concrete floors.”

Why was providing outdoor/green spaces a priority?“ The abundance of outdoor spaces provides residents working from home with a variety of options that include natural light and fresh air. The greenery, sunshine, shade and breezes contribute to a sense of well-being. Providing tree-lined, meandering pathways and greenway between the buildings allows The Smith to connect to the community and to give back to the neighborhood.”

Why did the team add a pet spa to the property?“The South End is the home of the most pampered pooches in the world. Of course, we would have a fabulous pet spa for our four-legg ed friends. After all, in New England, with our wild weather, we always want our pets to look their best.”

The residence is situated in Boston’s picturesque South End. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SMITH NO. 99
The residence is situated in Boston’s picturesque South End.

What would you say is the property’s most impressive amenity?“The most impressive amenity is the two-story outdoor sky deck with a water sun shelf, movie screen and indoor double-height living room, game area, cocktail lounge and entertainment kitchen, with stunning views of Downtown, the South End and beyond.”

Why did the team integrate art from local and national creatives into the property?“The team believed that the best way to tell the story of The Smith no. 99 was to harness artists as the storytellers. In the most literal sense, a smith is someone who is a master of their craft—someone skilled with the ability to turn raw materials into things of beauty. We looked to artists who creatively crafted mind-bending works out of beautiful and tactile materials. We loved the stories that local and national artists would bring into play—such as South End-based Beth Pellegrino, who uses natural ropes and fibers—a classical tie to nautical New England as a whole and to the South End, which was once underwater and a harbor for the rest of the city.”

Why was the focus on art a perfect fit for the South End neighborhood?“The South End has always been brimming with creativity. It has been a hub for musicians and artists alike for decades. It was a natural fit to amplify the artists who have lived and worked here. New England artist, Rachel Gloria Adams, will exhibit an outdoor mural that pays homage to both the history of jazz in the South End as well as the site of the former floral industry and flower market.”

The lounge is filled with artwork that compliments the building’s modern feel. ALL PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SMITH NO. 99
The lounge is filled with artwork that compliments the building’s modern feel.

What is your favorite commissioned piece?“We couldn’t possibly choose a favorite but will highlight two artists. Cicely Carew is an absolutely luminous artist and the recent recipient of the James and Audrey Foster Prize by the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. We’ve commissioned three bold collage works that just sing and move and will jump off the walls. Nuge is another incredible artist and creator. He has a massive viral following of almost 300K for good reason. He is able to turn wood into undulating, viscous surfaces that seem to defy reality. And while based in CA, he is originally from the Boston area.”

Why was sustainability an essential focus for The Smith No. 99?“The Smith development is committed to sustainability with No. 89 certified LEED Silver, and No. 99 is targeting LEED Gold. Highlights include healthy, green products/materials throughout the building, reduced energy and water consumption through efficient design/operations and enhanced indoor air quality through ventilation. This certification contributes to a minimized environmental footprint for the building and all its occupants.”

Why was wellness a focus when creating this property?“The health and wellness of the residents is the priority demonstrated by the Fitwel 2-Star certification of No. 89 and No. 99. Through design and operational strategies, the team has aimed to promote wellness enhancements in the buildings. Designing with a focus on environmentally friendly products, daylighting, interior/ exterior fitness areas, private outdoor spaces and operationally by promoting healthy behaviors, access to nutritional options and encouraging active living.