Home design is all about the finishing touches—and few final details make an impact like cabinet hardware. It is one of the easiest updates you can do, yet also one of the most overlooked opportunities to showcase your bold style. Here are a few tips when selecting statement hardware.


Make quality your top priority. Cabinet hardware needs to be able to hold up to the demands of everyday use. No matter the material, whether brass, wood, glass, acrylic, or anything else, make sure it's a solid, well-crafted piece. Skimping on hardware can result in flimsy, easily breakable pieces that have a short lifespan and will cost you in the long run.


Ditch run-of-mill hardware for styles that have something to say. Because cabinet hardware is easy to swap out, this is your time to take risks and create truly memorable looks. Play with shape and texture. Today's most beautiful accents have something in their design that deviates from the norm, like knurling, mixed materials, or intricate detailing. Some styles even forgo knobs and pulls completely for cremone bolts. The options are limited only to how far you want to push your aesthetic.


Choose complementary finishes. And remember, complementary doesn't have to mean identical. Experiment with mixing metals and incorporating hardware that coordinates with your lighting and fixtures, even when the colors aren't the same. Select one dominant finish and one or two secondary options. Mix warm tones like polished brass or brushed gold with cool tones like chrome or silver. Sprinkle in black or iron pieces here and there—they act as neutral colors to break up the tones. Chic cabinet hardware is all about creating moments throughout a space, so the difference in finishes gives the eye places to go when taking in the look of the room.