Celebrated designer Sheila Bridges shares an inside look at her new collection with The Shade Store—and her current curation.

PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS“No room is complete without great window treatments. They are a necessity to make a room feel completed and truly tie a room together. Aside from the practical purpose that they serve in creating privacy and filtering light, I use them to pull out various colors in the room or link back other areas of a space like the carpet, pillows, etc. They help to wrap the room concept up in a nice, neat bow.” Sheila Bridges x The Shade Store collection

“My childhood memories have been the gateway to the majority of my inspiration,” explains designer Sheila Bridges. The interiors icon recently debuted her second collection with The Shade Store inspired by her younger years. “I’m usually inspired by nature, art and travel, so, for instance, the fabric Ariel is based on recollections of flying on planes as a kid and looking out of an airplane window. I guess you could say that my childhood was my creative foundation and my parents embraced and encouraged that creativity.”

The offering includes five patterns in 12 materials and 45 colors— including her signature Harlem Toile du Jouy. “Pattern play is very true to my aesthetic, but to do it successfully, there has to be a variety of scales that vary in a way that’s soft and balanced,” she says. “That was a big consideration in my development of this collection with The Shade Store— to bring together large-scale, midscale and small-scale patterns that allow for flexibility in design and combination with other prints and patterns.

Here, the tastemaker shares her inside take.


“BK Antiques in Manhattan has a wonderful range of French antiques, and I love Liz O’Brien (also in Manhattan) for eclectic and vintage home furnishings.” Liz O’Brien Editions lamps

PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS“I love the Pin Wheel fabric from my new collection with The Shade Store. I used it in drapery for my living room in my Harlem apartment and I love the color combination of different tones of blue mixed with white and ivory. It has a beautiful sense of movement (kind of like an actual pinwheel). It’s a larger scale but still quite subtle and not particularly busy.” Sheila Bridges x The Shade Store collection

“Peignoir from Farrow & Ball is a favorite of mine to use on the fifth wall— the ceiling. It’s a softer look to use other than white.” Farrow & Ball Peignoir Paint No. 286


“My candle collection with L’or de Seraphine is my first time doing a home fragrance, and it was a fun collaboration because fragrance can influence how one feels about a space.” L’or de Seraphine x Sheila Bridges Graham Court three-wick ceramic jar candle


“I’m loving my collection of fine bone china with Wedgwood. While there is a perception of formality with fine bone china, it’s so durable that I eat off of it every night and put it in the dishwasher. I love that I can use and enjoy these beautiful pieces every day, and not just reserve them for special occasions.” Sheila Bridges for Wedgwood collection