Scottsdale is a mecca of high design. Here, we round up the latest launches and bustling brands you should know.

The Atlas bookshelf from Paul Rene’s 2023 Kallos collection PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
The Atlas bookshelf from Paul Rene’s 2023 Kallos collection

Paul Jeffrey


The ancient Greeks believed true beauty to be an amalgamation of three major elements: symmetry, proportion and harmony. Paul Rene has expanded this ethos with its 2023 furniture line, Kallos, the Greek word for beauty, translating the splendor of the Sonoran Desert into a stunning collection. “We seek Kallos when we yearn for peace, comfort and a sense of well-being in our homes,” says designer and founder Paul Jeffrey. “Kallos is the contribution of ancient Greece to defining the notion of beauty that prevails to this day.” Offerings include the Thea bench featuring a bright pop of sea glass green reminiscent of the native saguaro, while the Adonis coffee table and Aphrodite sofa pair perfectly as a modern translation of the Greek love story. The line will debut at Bentley Gallery Oct. 14, and will also be on offer in the brand's upcoming showroom, projected to open later this December.

MLC and Kaitlyn Wolfe’s Dolomite model PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
MLC and Kaitlyn Wolfe’s Dolomite model


Crafting a curated ADU is easier than ever with Minimal Living Concept’s latest collaboration with design firm Iconic by Kaitlyn Wolfe: two nature-inspired packages to effortlessly customize MLC’s most famous guest home unit, Live. Wolfe picked each upgrade by hand, ensuring that each design is thoughtful and unique. The Canyon model is inspired by desert canyons, boasting quartzite surfaces reminiscent of rocks and cliffs perfectly balanced with European white oak flooring. For those seeking a peaceful respite, the Dolomite model (inspired by the Italian mountain range) features shou sugi ban and polished concrete with exposed aggregate. "These two packages make it easy to add a Minimal guest home to your backyard and know that each element was thoughtfully selected to create a beautiful, serene living space,” says Wolfe. “I can’t wait to see these designs come to life!”

Immerse yourself in daring desert design with STRATA PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
Immerse yourself in daring desert design with STRATA.


STRATA: A Desert Dwelling (Oscar Riera Ojeda) is the perfect coffee table tome, chronicling the impressive design of a family compound in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. Penned by acclaimed architecture journalist James Moore McCown, the text explores the project’s building process and historical perspective, including an admirable collaboration between three outstanding design teams—Desert Star Construction, David Michael Miller Associates and Berghoff Design Group. The home is rife with nods to Frank Lloyd Wright (think intersecting eaves at extreme angles) and Richard Neutra (the expansive glass walls perfect his ethos of blurring the line between indoors and out). Explore the modern manse, and find some inspiration, with over 220 photos, 25 illustrations and plenty of exclusive design scoop.

Minotti’s Torri Nest Outdoor 07 angled sofa. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
Minotti’s Torri Nest Outdoor 07 angled sofa


Jennifer Wilson’s Space Bazaar showroom and furniture store exudes effortless European charm, with a particularly keen eye on modern and contemporary pieces. Now, Wilson has welcomed lauded Italian brand Minotti into the mix, spicing up the space’s already impressive selection. Shop chic sofas, decorative tables, cozy chairs, inspired accessories and so much more from the brand’s stunning collections. Even better: Space Bazaar has the honor of being the only showroom offering Minotti designs in the entire state, so be sure to stock up!