Sasha Bikoff

New York - Owner Sasha Bikoff Interior Design

“It has always been my goal to bring life, happiness, love, fun and whimsy into everything I do,” says NYC-based interior designer Sasha Bikoff. This means more residential projects and second homes outside major cities as her clients relocated during the pandemic. “I am seeing that people are really interested in investing in their nest and creating a unique experience and ambiance that are more driven by emotion, color and pattern.” In fact, Bikoff enjoys that her clients are more educated than ever in terms of the history of design, iconic interiors and furnishings. “I think this is due to social media and the fact that people have more time on their hands to be inspired. It’s an exciting time in design because people are opting to spend more money on the home now,” she muses. Known for her mashups that blend design styles from 18th century French rococo to 1980s Italian Memphis Milano, the millennial maven debuted two magical collections: lighting with Currey & Company and fabrics and wallpaper for Vervain. “My collection of fabrics and wallpapers was developed because I couldn’t find this juxtaposition of both luxury and fun,” Bikoff says. Picture 18th century pastoral picnic scenes reimagined as playful vignettes like Brigitte Bardot on the French Riviera, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin dancing in a nightclub, and Audrey Hepburn walking down Fifth Avenue. Recently, Bikoff has been mixing old English and French floral fabrics from iconic houses with bold, bright colors of lacquered paints or plasters. “For me, I think a truly decorated home means creating exciting combinations of design—mixing styles and periods,” she says.

Photography by: Photo by Patrick Cline/Courtesy of Sasha Bikoff