As tech entrepreneur Ryan Paddock’s Atlanta-based business continues to grow, he aims to solidify tech’s role in the home design process.

When lifelong tech lover Ryan Paddock started his business, A Mindful Home (, back in January 2018, he never could have predicated how important our homes would become to us. It is where we spend the most time, pandemic or not, and the increasing need for that home to serve us is paramount. Paddock and his team curate this, and more, through an amalgamation of specialized technology orchestrated to create an intuitive at-home experience for the homeowner. In fact, Paddock and A Mindful Home have been among the few who have forever changed the relationship between home technologies and homebuilding. “The same way you’d bring in an architect, builder or designer to start a project, you bring in us,” says Paddock. “We are part of that core team now, bringing a natural experience to your home’s technology in dynamic and unanticipated ways.” Still, unlike architectural details and striking interior pieces, Paddock’s work aims to go largely unnoticed. Think subtle light shifts, sounds from phantom sources, far-field listening, an adaptive climate experience and more, all driven by an artificial intelligence engine organically built and defined by your lifestyle.

Ryan Paddock, CEO of A Mindful Home, just opened a brand-new office in the heart of Buckhead, ideal for clients to visit and design their dream home systems. PHOTO BY DANETTE ANDERSON
Ryan Paddock, CEO of A Mindful Home, just opened a brand-new office in the heart of Buckhead, ideal for clients to visit and design their dream home systems.

While all these tech upgrades are intriguing, Paddock is a big proponent of working with his client from the ground up to curate an experience rather than trying to fit technology into a home that can’t support it. “We identify a bespoke solution for each of our clients, seamlessly integrating over a dozen categories that tie into every part of the design-build process for both the interior and exterior space. The infrastructure required for this level of simple sophistication is immense and needs thoughtful design from the ground up.”

What’s more is the products Paddock works with offer the luxury buyer the exclusivity and price tag they crave. “The technology landscape is forever in flux with much of it commoditized,” says Paddock. “For the sophisticated buyer, however, we are able to provide exponentially better solutions through our world-class product partners, exclusive to our industry.” And now, with its new Buckhead location established at the beginning of the year, discerning clients can come in-person to discuss, design and interact with the various technologies that will be implemented within their home. “We’re thrilled to be setting up our client-focused design center in the heart of Buckhead. Our upcoming build-out will serve to showcase the best in home automation, and provide our clients with inspiration as they build the home of their dreams.”

A Mindful Home’s evolved blend of universal, luxury and livable design promises a future relationship with technology, able to grow and adapt with your family for years to come.