Roche Bobois creative director Nicolas Roche shares insights into the brand’s latest launches and highlights some of the stunning standouts.

“Constructed of smoke and amber mirror on MDF, this piece has a chestnut-stained solid ash piece through the middle.” Studio Juam Fraction mirror

What inspired the fall/winter 2022 collection?

This year, the strong interest in interior decoration and renewed investments in home interiors triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Roche Bobois’ tremendous 2021 recovery has extended into the first quarter of 2022, offering strong encouragement to further its exploratory pursuits and continue to innovate.

“A very popular choice in our collections, the Aqua table takes on a new dimension in this luxury version, which is made of more exceptional marble. Its matte red laminate top has a velvety feel and can withstand (nearly) anything thanks to nanoparticle technology. This is a limited edition of 200 units signed by the designer.” Fabrice Berrux Aqua table


“This architectural rug features various colors, geometric lines and overlapping shapes.” Studio Roche Bobois Architrave rug

“Available as a floor or table lamp with a base in satin white or black lacquered metal, this lamp has an adjustable white diffusing ‘sail’ in washable matte coated paper and integrated LED.” Pepe Llaudet Sail lamp

What is the connecting thread between the pieces in this new collection? Is there an overarching theme? How does this collection echo and play off Roche Bobois’ past pieces?

Designing a new collection essentially means giving free rein to creativity and imagination and creating new shapes and unique lines. It also means boldly reinterpreting existing designs, approaching them from a new perspective and updating them with new colors. Some items from our new fall/winter 2022 collection are existing collections that have been updated and redesigned to show our determination to drive design forward, to take the risk of exploring unusual shapes on the border between design and art. Different pieces can refer to this ongoing renewal vision, such as the Blogger 3 sofa with its opulent curves, alongside the astonishing, sculptural Polygonia sideboard—the little brother of Zephyrus—presented in 2015 and channeling an intergalactic vessel out of a science-fiction film. While building on its ongoing collaborations (as with Eugeni Quitllet and his impressive desk in the Pulp collection, awash in lacquered white), Roche Bobois also continues to seek out budding talent and keeps a close eye on the latest generations. This continuous prospecting reflects our determination to anticipate future expressions. New collaborations include American designer Sean Connors and the poetic, articulated Oiseau floor lamp; Simone Cagnazzo and his tilting armchair; Florence Bourel and her marble Strate lamp made from recycled off cuts; and Catalan designer Pepe Llaudet with his Sail lamps.

“[This is] a mysterious piece. Resting on a metal frame, the discreetly padded seat comes and goes. This original idea by Simone Cagnazzo makes it possible to tilt the chair for a range of comfortable positions enhanced by the footrest.” Simone Cagnazzo Aparte armchair


“This wall lamp with a central lighting element has petals in 3D fabric and is entirely made and stitched by hand.” Chape & Mache Reine wall lamp

"The triangular bases and T- or Y-shaped silhouettes of the two cocktail tables from the Tarmac collection evoke the idea of aircraft carriers and airport runways.” Cédric Ragot Tarmac table

How do you see readers implementing these pieces into their homes? Can pieces work in a variety of homes and in a variety of design styles?

Each Roche Bobois creation always requires attention to detail, a meticulous finish and exceptional craftsmanship—because it is designed to withstand the test of time and transcend fashion trends. Not to mention that [each] Roche Bobois piece has its own unique personality, combining the talent, boldness and inventiveness of a designer with your own style and creativity. Whether you prefer a subtle customization or a thorough one, Roche Bobois offer a high level of customization in small European workshops with a large choice of shapes, colors, leathers, woods and finishes that make each furniture piece unique, exclusive and truly designed for you.

“A clever mix of the ’70s and the ’00s, the sofa’s modernity does not compromise its softness or comfort. Its plush fabric (aptly named Câlin, or ‘hug’ in French) best sums up its key features. The Blogger sofa is also one of the first one-piece sofas Roche Bobois created.” Roberto Tapinassi and Maurizio Manzoni Blogger 3 sofa

“Entirely round and quilted, the Apex ottoman is the perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort. Its design, shape and volume make it a small accent chair that is easy to incorporate into any interior.” Sacha Lakic Apex ottoman

What’s next for Roche Bobois?

Besides the constant expansion through the U.S. market with the upcoming store openings in Sarasota and Palm Desert by the end of the year and more to come in 2023, Roche Bobois is fully committed to ensuring that its products are eco-designed by 2025.