Paris is always a good idea, and staying at the Ritz Paris—the glamorous five-star hotel founded by César Ritz in the late 1800s—is the cherry on top of an already sweet journey.


The hotel recently debuted a brand-new Ritz Bar in a previously unused space, and to put it mildly, it’s a stunner. The showpiece cocktail lounge is centered around a circular bar that’s crowned with a brass lantern, beautifully etched with a fresco of the zodiac. Every evening at 5:30, guests can witness the Star Ritual, a light show—accompanied by exclusive music by French DJs Polo & Pan—that projects images of constellations onto the ceiling, effectively bringing the magic of the night sky inside. “In an homage to César Ritz, the gentleman-pioneer and visionary when it came to electricity and hospitality, the Ritz Bar reinterprets the spirit of the Belle Epoque—when zodiac signs were all the craze—through innovation, fantasy and the magic of the divinatory arts,” says head bartender Romain de Courcy. “Among other innovations, we are serving a range of bespoke cocktails on tap, and the overall experience makes for a decadent night out on the town that we’ve yet to see rivaled in our City of Light.” Santé!