Designer-loved L.A. Brand Portola Paints ( is celebrating 25 years with a brand-new showroom and a series of exciting launches. Here, co-founder Jamie Davis reflects on what makes the company shine.

Jamie Davis, cofounder of L.A.- based Portola Paints, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary PHOTO COURTESY OF BRAND
Jamie Davis, cofounder of L.A.- based Portola Paints, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary

When did Portola first launch, and when did you get involved?

In 1998, my father, Jim Davis (a high-end contractor), had the idea to import lime wash for a project he was building. It was at that time that we decided to start manufacturing lime wash and created our other specialty finish, Roman Clay, in the States. I’ve been working on colors, finishes and applications since I was 16.

What’s your role at Portola now?

It’s hard to define it because I wear so many hats, and I love them all! The many different aspects of running a family-owned, eco-friendly, design-driven business require me to juggle a lot at once. Between working with customers, designers and influencers, creating colors—one of my greatest passions—opening a new showroom and growing our brand, I stay busy.

Portola is celebrating a lot this year, including its 25th year. How has the company evolved, and what are some things you’re particularly proud of?

Since its conception, Portola has always taken a boots-and ears-on-the-ground approach to product development, allowing our team to find gaps in offerings and make adjustments in real-time. Over the years, this approach has allowed us to develop eye-catching products and foster long-standing, personal relationships with designers who have played a pivotal role in the brand’s growth and accomplishments. Additionally, in 2023, Portola launched a new website with e-commerce after 25 years of taking all orders manually.

Tell me more about the upcoming showroom opening and other expected launches.

Our new headquarters and showroom will be located in North Hollywood and will go above and beyond the typical paint-buying experience, allowing our customers to experience the brand in a new, immersive way. In addition, this year, Portola will release 13 new Roman Clay and nine new lime wash colors to add to our core collection.

So many interior designers use Portola paints. What do you think it is that draws them in?

Not only is every batch of paint produced in-house, but the range of finishes makes it easy for designers to select not only the right color shade but also the perfect finish and texture to complement their projects and add depth to their spaces. We take time and pride in delivering personalized service and creating customized palettes that re ect a client’s unique personality.