Since its inception in 2010, The Lagassé Group has been chasing perfection, not just in their finished product, but in their building process as well. Seeking to elevate the construction experience for their clients, these experienced builders tailor their approach to every unique project, regardless of scale. The Lagassé Group excels at all types of construction, from small renovations to extensive new builds, fast-paced fit outs to commercial jobs in historic settings. Their team is passionate about the complexity of each of these types of builds, working with residents to achieve their specific vision of home.


Through detailed reporting and communication, TLG provides predictability that allows homeowners the ability to enjoy the building experience, bringing your dream to life without the typical worries associated with construction. This begins with TLG’s unique preconstruction approach: TLG’s team can identify specific details or potential challenges in a project and use mapping and modeling technology to virtually construct these prior to breaking ground. Focusing on schedule, budget, coordination, and execution before beginning work allows for a streamlined building process without surprises. In new builds, engaging mechanical subcontractors well in advance of construction ensures seamlessness during install. Sourcing materials that have extended procurement times early in the project minimizes the risk of last-minute material substitutions or delays. While building an oceanfront retreat in Cape Cod, The Lagassé Group was able to coordinate and install an extensive geothermal well system through a harsh winter, adding climate resiliency to an already stunning property. Wells were coordinated with all other underground systems, ensuring specific clearances within foundation walls were met with incredible accuracy.


The richness, history, and character of older structures are often seen in their uniqueness. While The Lagassé Group celebrates these qualities, they understand the specific challenges presented with historic renovation and restoration work. Preconstruction is especially beneficial in these projects to plan mechanical systems within the existing structure, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective install. After that, The Lagassé Group seeks to celebrate these structures by helping research and source period-specific materials or finishes that reinforce the spirit of the space.


The Lagassé Group understands that each home requires care and maintenance to continue running smoothly, especially if it’s a seasonal property. Their team has a dedicated branch of specialists who focus on property maintenance and on-call construction services, giving homeowners a single point of contact for all their home care needs. With a focus on transparency and predictability, working with The Lagassé Group leaves little to the imagination in the best way possible. They’re right there with you every step of the way to ensure your goals are exceeded, helping you make the best decisions while you reshape your living space.