As we approach the end of 2021, these companies and brands have plenty of exciting things in the works.

An original by Cary and Jody Goldstein printed on acrylic PHOTO: BY JODY AND CARY GOLDSTEIN
An original by Cary and Jody Goldstein printed on acrylic, photo by Jody and Cary Goldstein

Smell the Roses

Who says you can’t be successful in more than one thing? For Cary and Jody Goldstein, not only do they run one of Atlanta’s most successful and well-known dentistry offices, Goldstein Dental Center, but they are also extremely successful at nature, landscape, abstract and street photography under the name Goldstein Art Photography ( Together, the collaborative photographers have traveled across five continents getting that one perfect shot—a blooming dahlia with fiery warm colors, a variety of local aspen flowers and vegetation, lily pads in Miami, architecture in Japan—the list goes on. The couple started their photography journey in the mid-’90s on their honeymoon and found that it served as a creative outlet and they both had a knack for it. Today, high-end homes and businesses across Atlanta have filled their walls with their pieces, printed on paper that makes them so vivid you will have to remind yourself it’s not the real thing.

Abraham Hernandez of Interiors by Abraham. COURTESY OF ABRAHAM HERNANDEZ
Abraham Hernandez of Interiors by Abraham, photo courtesy of Abraham Hernandez

Renovation Stations

No renovation or refresh is complete without the touch of Abraham Hernandez of Interiors by Abraham ( Specializing in kitchen and bath renovations, Hernandez has been transforming spaces for over a decade. For our annual refresh issue, we have turned to the expert for his tips and tricks when it comes to remodeling those spaces we frequent most for nourishment and relaxation.

“Plan, plan plan! Planning your kitchen remodel should take more time than the actual construction. This will keep you on budget and cut time trouble shooting in half.”

“Make it a point to really study your existing kitchen. These observations might save you in the long run. To avoid mistakes like this, create a drawing of your kitchen with measurements for doorways, walkways, counters, etc. And don’t forget height too.”

“Design your home with real life living in mind: drawers or pullout shelves in base cabinets, counter heights that can adjust up or down, a wall oven instead of a range. These are all features that make a kitchen accessible to everyone—and a pleasure to work in.”

“You must plan for the unforeseeable. No matter how organized you are, something is going to go wrong. Even if you’ve planned down to the number of nails you’ll need in your remodel, expect the unexpected.”

Aura table lamp from Hable Constructions collection with Generation Lighting.PHOTO BY: RINNE ALLEN
Aura table lamp from Hable Constructions collection with Generation Lighting, photo by Rinne Allen


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Hable Construction ( has geared up to partner with Generation Lighting ( on a series of small collections inspired by Hable’s past, present and future. At its core, Hable Construction, based out of Athens, is a textile design company. Today, the brand has expanded to furniture, fine art and goods made sustainably from artwork painted and drawn in studio. Sisters Susan Hable, the artist, and Katharine Hable, the entrepreneur, started the brand in 1999, and together they combine practicality, depth and timelessness into their pieces. Here, we discuss with the sisters their excitement around the new collection with Generation.

Milton Roberts and Greg Ashby in their new Interiors Market location MALI AZIMA
Milton Roberts and Greg Ashby in their new Interiors Market location, photo by Mali Azima

Thrill of the Hunt

After its success as a flagship store on Bennett Street helmed by Atlanta designer Kathy Guyton since 1992, Interiors Market Atlanta has extended to a brand-new location in Buckhead’s iconic Miami Circle. The 4,000-square-foot space in the design district, in close proximity to ADAC, will focus on art and is styled exclusively by owners Milton Roberts and Greg Ashby. Not only are designers getting a new place to sell pieces that might not have made the client cut, but also a new place for inspiration. “This store is definitely more curated. You can sit down in a room and experience that stop, and move on to the next. It’s a journey,” says Roberts. This location will be where you can find the one-of-a-kind, finer pieces that are antique, vintage and some even new. Come visit the two best friends in their Parisian flat-inspired space and find the next item that gives you goose bumps. 715 Miami Circle NE,

What is the overarching theme of the collection/project with Generation Lighting?

SH: The overarching thread that we thought of when designing this collection was the basis for Hable: pattern, original hand-drawn prints and shapes that are artistic and uniquely ours. We wanted to start at the root of where we originally concepted our brand.

Where can you see these pieces being used in the home?

KH: Some pieces are lighthearted while others are more sculptural, so there really isn’t a rule, per se, where to use them. I think many of them are interchangeable depending on how you want the room to actually feel, and since they are portable you could switch things around sometimes, room to room!

What is the inspiration behind each small collection?

SH: Our inspiration goes to our tried-and-true paintings created from our artist studio. The shapes in the sculptural collection were formed from actual ceramic sculpture hand built in our studio, Hableland. Ultimately, we are inspired by life… ups and downs, seasons changing, and, of course, a trip to a far-flung location doesn’t hurt!

What does this partnership mean to you and your company?

SH: This partnership is exciting for Hable because we are extending our brand and design capabilities with a broader reach. We look forward to stretching and having more access to different ways to produce products. The work is handmade by artisans in Vietnam.

KH: We have been huge fans of the Generation group of companies and the designers they work with. Generation is a nice fit because we want our products to be... great quality while also remaining attainable. This collection covers a nice range of looks and they let us do our thing to make it feel really, authentically Hable.