cent.ldn and girl gang nft candle

It’s scented candle season, but all your cousins want to talk about is NFTs. Why not both?

The female innovators and creative entrepreneurs at cent.Idn candle company and creative collective Girl Gang have collaborated to launch an NFT and bespoke candle package that’ll satisfy everyone at the holiday dinner table.

The London and Los Angeles-based duo are breaking boundaries in the NFT marketplace with this never-before-seen item, dubbing the movement #metahomedecor.

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NFTs are all the craze in the meta marketplace. The “non-fungible tokens” are used to purchase digital items that denote ownership to the NFT buyer. In this partnership, NFTs and home decor come together to create a simultaneous digital and physical experience.

The NFT digital artwork featured a rotating image of a burning cent.ldn candle that reads “support your local girl gang.” The image is set to music by LA-based producer and blockchain enthusiast Daniel Allen, and Allan said the sound is meant to invoke the feeling of lighting a candle on a good day.

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The NFT candle retails for .08 ETH in a limited batch. After all NFT’s have sold, a random selection of those buyers will receive the physical candle, which retails for $240, with a subtle scent of “unisex” notes meant to compliment every human.

To push sustainability efforts, the NFT is supported by the carbon-efficient Polygon/MATIC cryptocurrency, which offers users a more sustainable way to purchase NFTs on Etherum’s blockchain.

“My passion for candles has been there for many years,” cent.ldn founder Hayley Mack says. “I am now proud to be developing the cent.ldn brand further, celebrating cultural moments.”

This project is groundbreaking for the two female-run companies, showcasing another way for the material world and the metaverse to merge.

Furthermore, it is a step in supporting growth for girls and women in the tech world—something Girl Gang has pushed for since its creation in 2017. With every NFT purchased, Girl Gang will donate a portion of the sales to foundations aimed to support growth for girls and women in tech.

Self-care can be possible through technological advances and NFTs. Learn more and purchase your own NFT candle via cent.ldn.com.