Let these chic brands’ news be the design inspiration you’ve been looking for.

BKLYN CLAY Crater cup, designed by Anders Hamilton PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
A design from The Well- Loved House

Shelf Life

Acclaimed interior designer Ashley Whittaker is not afraid of adding color and texture into her spaces to create inviting rooms that play with daring hues and patterns, a skill made evident in her first book, The Well-Loved House (Rizzoli), which is set to publish in September. From the Florida coast to the New York countryside, the tome chronicles some of her best work while offering guidance on how to find the perfect balance between elegance and comfort within your home. –AT

Table Manners

The BKLYN CLAY Saturn dinnerware series, designed by Sarah Allwine and Gustav Hamilton PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
The BKLYN CLAY Saturn dinnerware series, designed by Sarah Allwine and Gustav Hamilton

Prepare your tablescapes because Brooklyn-based ceramics studio BKLYN CLAY launched a new dinnerware and ceramic goods line this past fall called BKLYN CLAY Made, all handmade in Brooklyn. The line features both the Saturn dinnerware set and the Crater cup. The dinnerware set comprises durable bowls and plates that can double as Tupperware—it’s an easy way to keep leftovers in the fridge while using fewer dishes.

A design from The Well- Loved House. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
BKLYN CLAY Crater cup, designed by Anders Hamilton

Meanwhile, the Crater cup, aptly inspired by moon craters, will bring an artistic element to your everyday meals. The cups are sprayed with vibrant, complementary colors to produce a beautiful dark-light contrast. Stay tuned—the line will be expanded with new colorways soon. 535 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn –AT

Open Doors

Finds from Creel and Gow PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
Finds from Creel and Gow

Stylish Manhattan boutique Creel and Gow opened its second home in Millbrook in late May. Founder Jamie Creel affectionately chose the new location, a building situated in the Hudson Valley, in the place Creel’s family spent weekends during his childhood. Founded in 2012, the shop’s original UES boutique showcases rare home and outdoor furnishings, and the new location is no different. Creel and Gow goes beyond just decorative objects and celebrates rare accessories with an emphasis on global artisans. Expect to find antiques and contemporary artisanal pieces from around the world, including exclusive Moroccan furniture and original Mauritian rugs. Rarity is cherished at Creel and Gow, which carries uncommon pieces with common design themes such as mineral, oceanic and natural. 3424 Franklin Ave., Millbrook –QW

Bringing It Home

Sisli Home Rodos chair. PHOTO COURTESY OF BRANDS
Sisli Home Rodos chair

Turkish furniture company Sisli Home is heading to New York and can now be purchased through the Somerselle website and in its forthcoming showroom at 200 Lexington Ave. starting in the fall. The family-owned company began in 1973 out of a small workshop in the Sisli arts district in Istanbul and has since gone international and specializes in custom handcrafted wood furniture. Its newest collection features beautifully unique wooden beds, dining tables, chairs and sofas, to name a few, and all are custom-made to order. While the company continues to grow, the Sisli Home team has remained true to the original quality and attention to detail that got them to where they are today. –AT