Design savant Nathan Turner has ventured into fabrics, launching the California collection, a curated selection of prints inspired by his childhood spent in Northern California.

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image0.jpgThe collection, made up of classic motifs like chintz, quilting, animal prints and plaids, is a heartfelt homage to his upbringing. Known for blending relaxed charm with refined design, Turner's fabrics reinterpret these motifs through a distinctly modern lens, embodying the essence of California's natural allure.

Wallshoppe_27.jpg"I translated all of my wonderful memories of growing up in California into this collection," shares Turner, reflecting on his deep-rooted inspiration drawn from his family's ranch nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

The collection is comprised of 33 prints, each crafted to evoke a sense of effortless sophistication while preserving a lived-in aesthetic—a hallmark of Turner's approach to design. From the timeless elegance of Stuart and Edwin stripe, inspired by heirloom blankets of his childhood, to the whimsical nod to Spanish architecture in Hillhouse, every pattern tells a story of California's diverse landscapes and cultural influences.

Wallshoppe_11.jpg“The motifs are rooted in traditional design motifs, florals, stripes, and plaids,” he says. He even paired up with Sant and Abel to curate and bring to life pajamas, robes, wraps and swimsuits all made with Turner's unique fabric patterns. Now not only can your home be filled with these beautiful fabrics, but you can wear them as well!

Turner's fabrics, available in a palette ranging from sun-bleached neutrals to soft blues, greens, and blush tones, promise versatility across various living spaces—from cozy kitchen nooks to inviting bedrooms and vibrant living areas. Each piece in the California collection not only captures the essence of California's wild beauty but also encapsulates Turner's personal journey through its subtle textures and inspirations.

Wallshoppe_22.jpgThe beautiful florals like Cherry blossom and California poppy are sure to add a touch of Californian elegance to any home. California quail, which transports you into the nature of the Golden State, along with Cowboy toile, with their playful yet sophisticated designs, reflect Turner's playful reinterpretation of traditional patterns. Meanwhile, Northstar blanket and Deer offer a glimpse into the designer's nostalgic recollections of ranch life.

The prints showcase his commitment to infusing homes with warmth and character. This debut fabric line also invites homeowners to embrace California's effortless blend of elegance and relaxed charm.

Wallshoppe_31.jpgFollowing years of designing, writing two best-selling books, and making numerous TV appearances, Turner's collection marks a milestone for the fifth-generation Californian and one of the country’s top interior decorators and lifestyle experts.

Discover Nathan Turner's the California collection, a testament to timeless design and the enduring elements of California living. For more information and to explore the full range of patterns, visit, where each fabric invites you to bring a piece of California's natural beauty into your home.