farmhouse interior design style

White walls, warm wood accents, ruffled curtains and the sense that Chip and Joanna Gaines would feel right at home—the quintessential aspects of the farmhouse interior design style that is topping the hashtag charts on TikTok.

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A social media analysis by Contractor Growth Network determined the five most-viewed hashtags relating to some of America’s most popular interior design trends to see which came out on top.

Whether you enjoy a more classic interior design style or you’re on the cutting edge of the up-and-coming trend, social media is undeniably guiding the rise and fall of certain interior design styles. Here are the top five most popular interior design styles, as told by hashtag analytics.

1. Farmhouse

@humbleabodethrift Truth… . . Instagram: @humble.abode.thrift #kitchen #thrift #cottage #openshelves #diy #thrifting #cottagecore #farmhouse #cleaning #diykitchen #thriftwithme #thrifthaul original sound - humbleabodethrift

Farmhouse style is nothing new, though it truly became popular around 2015, thanks to the Gainses and their HGTV show Fixer Upper. Farmhouse style is comfortable, cozy and traditional, and during the last 12 months, it has become the most popular interior decor trend on TikTok, gathering more than 408 million views. Modern farmhouses prove particularly popular among TikTok users, with #modernfarmhouse accumulating 231 million views across the last year.

2. Vintage

@saratoufali the joy these bring me #vintagedecor #vintagerug #vintagevibes #cozyhome #cottagecore #houseplantlove #cozyaesthetic Dream - The Pied Pipers

If young people on social media are doing anything, they are definitely scouring vintage shops and swap meets, hoping to score the find of the century, so it is no surprise that vintage takes second place in this ranking. According to CGN, “vintage” has accumulated more than 288 million views in the last 12 months. The most popular hashtags relating to vintage interior design were #vintagedecor and #vintagehome, which accumulated 119 million and 111 million views, respectively.

3. Bohemian

@comeplayhouse Which Boho interior style do you love? #playhouse #comeplayhouse #interiordesign #homedecor #boho #bohohome #bohointeriors #bohoaesthetic #decortips Seaside_demo by SEB - SEB

Warm, colorful and relaxed with a side of eclectic flair thrown in, Boho interior design style is comfortable and full of plants. As the third most popular interior design trend on TikTok, the Boho style has gathered more than 242 million views on the platform within the last year. It has proven particularly popular among Gen Z and younger millennials, with people aged 34 and younger responsible for more than 190 million views, or 78.7 percent of the total views.

4. Maximalism

@brandinicolechandler Forever obsessed with my house! #FrunktheBeat #katespadenycabana #maximalist #maximalistinteriors #maximalism #interiordesign #maximalistdecor #colorfulhome #plants #plantsoftiktok original sound - Rebel

Maximalism is fluid and individualistic, and across TikTok, it is obviously different for each user who posts photos and videos of their home. For some, maximalism is all about having the walls covered floor to ceiling in kooky art and concert posters. For others, it’s about kitschy decor and overlapping rugs. Whatever the take is, Americans are increasingly interested in crafting over-the-top interior spaces, living by the “more is more” motto of maximalism to design unique homes. Maximalist design is one of the most popular decor trends on TikTok, accumulating more than 146 million views in the last 12 months.

5. Eclectic

@camillelenore Replying to @namedafterband if you love collecting pieces from a range of eras, styles, and colors, chances are you prefer eclectic home decor! #homedecor #vintageapartment #eclecticstyle Wes Anderson-esque Cute Acoustic - Kenji Ueda

The eclectic design style is like a loving blend of every style you’ve ever liked, pasted together and wallpapered around your house. This trendy mix of vintage and modern allows for vibrant and contrasting colors and a mix of unusual textures and patterns. Users on TikTok are loving this style, with posts regarding eclectic decor gaining more than 145 million views within the last year. The most views were gathered under #eclecticdecor, with views totaling 91 million across the last year. Approximately 50 percent of these views came from people aged 16 to 24.

Ranking just outside of the top five are styles like “grandmillenial” (imagine the florals and colorful glassware of your grandmother’s living room), the classic rustic look, and dopamine decor, which is decorating based on the neurology of color to create the happiest home possible.

While each of these styles is fun and different in its own way, it is important to remember that nobody is bound to one style and one style only. Many TikTok users who are participating in the trendiness of interior design on the internet are dipping into two or more aesthetics at once, many of which are similar. Happy decorating!