modern farmhouse in a Spanish style

Modern Farmhouse with Spanish influences

Is your home ready for a makeover? Do your walls look a little drab, your furniture a little ho-hum?

You don’t need to do a full renovation to reinvigorate your space. A few thoughtful touches and replacements can bring a whole new vibe to your space.

Hovia knows this better than most, as the company specializes in modern wallpaper designed to inspire with prints, colors and options that will fit any style and mood.

If you’re seeking a bit of direction, Hovia recently crunched the numbers and found the most popular interior design styles in the United States today, analyzing Google Trends data and more than 575 search terms that related to 25 unique interior design styles.

So, which styles reign supreme in 2023?

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It seems Americans may be yearning for a simpler lifestyle because the clear winner in 32 states were the clean lines and fresh aesthetic of the Modern Farmhouse.

From New England to the mid-west, people looking to revamp their space are falling in love with this style’s use of white and light colors mixed with Earth-tone accouterment. It’s particularly popular in Texas where searches averaged 8,647 times per month, but also in Ohio with 3,717 monthly searches, and in North Carolina with 3,497.

You can recreate this style in your own home with pottery, wood furnishings and rattan baskets. Vaulted ceilings, large verandas and neutral-colored deckings are hallmarks of the Modern Farmhouse look, creating a space that feels warm and inviting, but also modest and easygoing.

Feng Shui was the second most popular design ethos for Americans, coming in on top in the states of California, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico.

Originating in China, Feng Shui is the art of styling your home to be as helpful as possible in curating a free flow of energy, emotion and inspiration. Bring some of that balance into your home by studying the tenants of the philosophy, which generally notes that walkways should be clear and easy, furniture should face away from doors and entryways, and that one should embrace natural elements in their rightful placements.

The third most popular style was a tie between Rustic and Coastal design. The former was most beloved in Montana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming; while Delaware, Florida, Rhode Island and South Carolina seek more Coastal vibes, naturally.

To bring a bit of Rustic charm into your home, Hovia offers organic textures including stone, wood and metal. These finishes on your countertops, fixtures, decor and other details can create a mix of urban and rural feeling.

Coastally speaking, you can get that life-is-a-vacation vibe by incorporating beach-style decorations and leaning into seaside color schemes of green and blue.

Rounding out the group was Oregon’s penchant for Mid-Century Modern; a style that exploded a few years back and remains favored for its graphic shapes, mixed use of neutral tones and vibrant colors, and for its open-concept spaces.

French Country, Industrial and Eclectic were also sought-after styles, the latter falling in line with the general trend of younger generations to embrace a more maximalist aesthetic than has been seen in recent years.

“It is exciting to see just how desirable the Modern Farmhouse style of interior design is across the U.S., with it being the landslide winner in popularity,” a Hovia expert is quoted in the press release. “It is also interesting to notice regionally how many states' locations have had their design preferences influenced by seasonal trends. Overall, remembering to surround yourself in a space where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed is the perfect scenario to indulge in a happy and positive life, which is why it is so important to many Americans looking to decorate their homes that they make the right choice for both their home and themselves.”

Whatever your style, Hovia wants to help you get there with its thoughtful decor and wallpaper options. The Internet is overflowing with interior design inspiration, and there’s no wrong way to make your home feel more you.