Finding the perfect lighting to complement any space can be difficult, but Mitzi’s newest collaboration has all the right lights for every room. The brand’s latest Tastemaker Series partnered with renowned designer Zoe Feldman to showcase intimate yet inviting pieces. Full of bold yet approachable shapes and finishes, the Mitzi x Zoe Feldman collection is here just in time for spring.

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ZFD_Mitzi2023_01038.jpgZoe Feldman strives to embrace creativity while balancing classicism by understanding every space's flow with “pitch-perfect taste.” As she draws from her vision for a practical but playful ambiance, she created a deeply personal collection full of style, soul and sophistication. With prices ranging from $170 to $790 and featuring 26 different pieces including lamps, sconces, pendants, flush mounts and chandeliers, this collection showcases the design of the firm’s signature aesthetic of modernized classicism through whimsical silhouettes, bold colors and charming details.

ZFD_Mitzi2023_01193b.jpgAs a small business, Zoe Feldman enforces staying green through minor but mindful environmentally rational choices in her work. In her studio, Zoe Feldman is proud to report they donate all client’s initial site visit fees to charity, plant 1,000 trees through Eden Reforestation Projects at every project conclusion and donate a portion of quarterly sales for reforestation efforts. In her aspirations for protecting plants and promoting positive practices, Zoe Feldman is proving that any small business can make a difference by reflecting greener practices inside and outside of the office.

ZFD_Mitzi2023_00990.jpgIn this collection, it is hard to choose a favorite piece. If you are looking for that rustic but comforting fixture, check out the Davida Pendant. Woven from Natural Rattan, making each creation a one-of-a-kind, this piece brings an earthy but classic feel paired with a timeless aged brass finish. Available in two different sizes, this addition to any home will provide that cozy vibe all year round.

For a more sleek and chic feel that shines even without a light, we recommend the Tenley Table Lamp. This statement piece is colored with hand-painted tranquil blue tonal variations finished with a hard glaze finish for the final artisanal feel. Complemented with warm aged brass hardware and priced at $350, this lamp offers a fun but mature pop of color ideal for any living room, bedroom, or workspace.

ZFD_Mitzi2023_00769.jpgWhether it is a new table lamp for your renovated home office or an updated chandelier that hangs neatly over the front door, the Mitzi x Zoe Feldman lighting collection is certain to shine bright.