Paradise can be found at this luxe renovation nestled within Lake Austin’s coveted “Riviera.” We sat down with lead designer Michele Lorenz of Mark Ashby Design ( to learn more about the luxe lake life.

The 4,630-square-foot space provides optimal views at every turn PHOTO BY CLAY GRIER
The 4,630-square-foot space provides optimal views at every turn.

After meeting with the homeowners, what was the ultimate direction you took away in terms of design direction? As this is not their primary residence—rather a waterfront getaway—they wanted the home to have an easy, comfortable, casual beachy vibe. The first floor is all Lueder limestone tiles providing a nice indoor-to-outdoor flow. They entertain a fair amount and wanted to incorporate a double island in the kitchen. Since the main floor is fairly small, the two islands provide maximum surface space. The homeowners are in the lumber business and provided a lot of their own lumber from their home state of Idaho. The ground-floor ceiling is a stained spruce and really adds warmth to the space in contrast to the limestone floors.

Interior designer Michele Lorenz enlisted a modernized spin on resort-style living. PHOTO BY CLAY GRIER
Interior designer Michele Lorenz enlisted a modernized spin on resort-style living.

The home’s lakeview feature was a huge pull. How did you keep that top of mind? First and foremost, we wanted the home to have a natural flow from indoor to outdoor, so when the glass doors are open, it’s a seamless transition to the outdoors and lakefront. It was important that the stain on the spruce ceiling inside matched the ceiling on the porch outside. This was difficult because the outside application had to be weather resistant to withstand the Texas weather. Getting these two formulas to match in color was a challenge. The same goes for the flooring material, which is why we selected 24-inch-by-24-inch Lueder limestone. The home has three guest rooms upstairs, and we approached it like a boutique hotel. All the rooms are the same, yet each has a different personality. The furniture selections and fabrics are the same, but the color palette is different for each. The same goes for the bathrooms—very similar yet slightly different. Again, ease of maintenance was key.

You mentioned having a modern resort vibe. Can you expand a bit more about the color palette, furniture choices and key elements that played into this? Since the clients may only spend a few months a year in Austin, we wanted the furnishings to be casual and serene, very organic and easy to maintain. The wood tones of the white oak both on cabinetry and upstairs flooring were meant to have a cozy, easygoing vibe. The light dances beautifully off the water reflecting on both the wood ceiling and the texture of the plaster walls. The wall color is Benjamin Moore Heron. It’s a soft white with a bit of warmth in the undertone.

What was the ultimate goal for weaving in the view throughout the space? Seamless transition from indoor to outdoor was the main objective. Spring is wonderful in Texas, and it’s when they spend the most time here. It’s the only time of year when you can leave the sliding glass doors open and take advantage of the weather before the sweltering heat and bugs take over!