Drawing inspiration from the intricate details found in nature, these designers craft spaces that feature stone, wood and other earthy elements, ensuring each project demonstrates their unique organic artistry.


Bea Pernia designs chic interiors and sculptural furnishings that speak to her love of materiality. PORTRAIT BY TON GOMES, STYLING BY LIANDRA SALLES

6301 Biscayne Blvd., Suite 103, Miami @beainteriorsdesign

How would you describe your aesthetic? Timeless, transitional, organic

Where do you draw inspiration from? Natural elements, my travels and the beauty of everyday life. Visiting new cities and exploring the natural wonders of landscapes worldwide has always fueled my creativity. I find inspiration in the world of art, connecting with new artists with incredible talent, the intricacies of architecture and even the power of music.

A Shakuff light fixture hangs above a dining table from Lulu and Georgia. The art is by Ángel Botello. PHOTO BY GABRIEL VOLPI

What’s your earliest memory of design? I was born in Los Angeles and spent my childhood in Venezuela, where my passion for design began. I vividly recall being enchanted by the ornate details of nature, the Amazon with giant rocks, all the beautiful beaches around the country, and the Metropolitan city of Caracas at that time. The nature, unique beauty and architecture left an indelible impression on me, which I always love to apply in my designs.

What are your favorite design elements that are having a moment? I’m captivated by the use of curved shapes in my designs. I enjoy experimenting with various materials like stones, different types of woods, soft textures, and bright colors. They add richness to my creations.

Pernia filled this foyer with art by Chuck Close and Julien Opie, and a pendant by Boaz Vaadia. PHOTO BY GABRIEL VOLPI

How do you want your clients to feel when they walk into their space? My ultimate goal is to craft spaces that evoke comfort and sophistication. When my clients enter their newly designed interiors, I want them to experience a harmonious blend of timeless elegance and modern sensibility. I want them to relax, feel inspired, and truly feel comfortable in the spaces, whether at home or in a commercial space.

What are you working on next? At the moment, I’m immersed in several exciting residential and commercial projects. I’m particularly focused on a new furniture line. I will be participating in upcoming design fairs to showcase my latest designs.


Diego Guarderas and Chiara Sensi-Contugi make up the business and creative force behind Sensi Casa Design. The largescale painting behind them is by Victor Rodriguez. PHOTO BY CHRIS CARTER

597 NW 71st St., Miami @sensicasadesign

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words? Organic modern design

Where do you draw inspiration from? Nature, travel, art, furniture galleries and, of course, from fellow designers from different eras.

What’s your earliest memory of design? My earliest memory of design was when I was 10 years old. I used to love to decorate my room and my brother’s room by moving things around, changing the color of the walls and asking my mom to add new items to complete my project.


Sensi Casa Design—a team of interior designers and architects led by Guarderas and Sensi-Contugi—creates layered interiors using textured materials and unique furnishings and accessories PHOTO BY CHRIS CARTER

What is your favorite material you’re currently working with? Wood. I love working with this material; it is a must on any project. Wood brings so much coziness to a room that it should be essential in every home. For me, the more the merrier! As for fabrics, I currently love working with bouclés.

How do you want your clients to feel when they walk into their space? Happy! Our goal is always to make our clients feel excited about their new homes, to feel the warmth that the organic colors and materials bring to every space.

An entertaining space that beckons conversation. PHOTO BY CHRIS CARTER

What are you working on next? We are working on a few designer homes that we are building in partnership with The Calta Group (thecaltagroup.com). After three successful record sales of turnkey homes by Sensi Casa, we partnered with a great developer like The Calta Group to create not spec homes but designer homes that appeal to the very high-end clientele that Miami is currently experiencing.