MG+BW Home unveils an impressive new collection with designer Rafael de Cárdenas that celebrates the beauty of American craftsmanship.


“Having the privilege of partnering with Rafael de Cárdenas for this collaboration is an extraordinary moment for us,” says Allison O’Connor, President and CEO of MG+BW Home of the brand’s new collection with award-winning designer Rafael de Cárdenas. The 19-piece collection draws on the New York native and Cuban-American designer’s inspiration from film and the culture that molded his design sensibility in his youth. With the full range of MG+BW Home’s 500+ fabrics, the bespoke pieces offer the perfect pops of personality to make any space your own, thanks to the brand’s impressive customization offerings. “By changing the color and fabric, you really create a different mood. The forms are ready for you to go wild… or not at all. But always with a whisper of elegance,” explains de Cárdenas. “Every home needs a space that privileges softness when you need it, and a space that feels dressed up when you need it.”


Standouts in the collection range from high-impact accents like the Lily Pouf or Lotus Side Table to sophisticated staples like the curved cushion Saturday Sofa. “Witnessing his interpretation of our brand has helped create a distinct collection that stays true to our core tenets of producing quality goods available for personalization and customization,” shares O’Connor of the power pairing with de Cárdenas. “This special collection combines the bespoke service he provides to his clients with the ability to work with multigenerational artisanal craftspeople at our North Carolina factory, the root of our storied history for nearly 35 years.”


Celebration of the craft is undoubtedly at the core of the collection. “The MG+BW Home factory is a place where American craftsmanship has a home,” says de Cárdenas. “Witnessing firsthand the sheer amount of production here in the USA and seeing the factory in action with a very diverse group of people working under one roof makes me think we as a country are going to be okay. Together we made a collection my childhood dreams are made of, and with the help of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, made it accessible for every taste.”