The 1920s neighborhood of Granada in Coral Gables inspired a designer to reimagine a home for its savvy owner that meets her modern-day needs while respecting its historic pedigree.

Maritza Capiro designed a series of archways to celebrate the home’s orginal architecture. An art piece by Wifredo Lam hangs above an heirloom sideboard in the dining room alongside Caracole’s table and chairs, a light fixture from Visual Comfort & Co. and Smith & Noble window treatments. Photographed by Dan Cutrona


The picturesque neighborhood of Granada in Coral Gables dates back to the 1920s. Teeming with tree-lined streets, oolitic limestone and a Mediterranean feel unique to this area, it beckons for a particular level of mindfulness and sensitivity whenever one embarks on a renovation here. Nestled within this historic community, an enchanting Mediterranean-style home purchased by a Miami native looking to grow her Magic City roots further is one example. Maritza Capiro of Maritza Capiro Designs ( was enlisted at the beginning of the project to helm the complete gut renovation of the home, designing arches throughout the interior that create interest and visual connection between the adjoining spaces while also respecting the original architecture.

ARTO tiles surround the fireplace in the living room, which boasts custom sofas from CR Lane and a coffee table from Hooker Furniture. Photographed by Dan Cutrona

“Our design inspiration for the overall aesthetic of this project stemmed directly from the home’s charming exterior,” says Capiro, who took on the renovation with the help of general contractor MJ Group Enterprises. “We took cues from the architectural elements and historical features that made the outside of the house so captivating. The goal was to create a seamless transition between the exterior and interior, maintaining a sense of continuity and harmony. We drew inspiration from the color palette, materials and design motifs found on the exterior and brought them indoors to infuse the space with a sense of timeless elegance. This approach not only revitalized the interior but also honored the character and charm of the home’s original design, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing experience for the homeowners.”

A Made Goods pendant glows in the primary bedroom above a bed from Alder & Tweed Furniture Co. in Eastern Accents bedding. The art is by Enrique Gay Garcia. Photographed by Dan Cutrona


The kitchen stands out as a particular highlight, blending practicality with modern sensibilities while embracing tradition. A black palette with seamlessly integrated appliances, sleek cabinetry and paneling, and contrasting blonde millwork foster a sophisticated and refined space. But it’s the European-esque oven alcove, affectionately referred to as a “jewel box,” that steals the show. “Notably, the inclusion of Bertazzoni appliances underscores a commitment to quality and performance, elevating the kitchen’s status to one that is not only visually striking but also equipped with top-tier amenities, promising a luxurious and reliable culinary experience for the homeowner,” Capiro says.

A Made Goods desk and Vanguard chair allow the owner to enjoy Fonchen Lord’s geometric art piece in the office. The backsplash is from Marble of the World. Photographed by Dan Cutrona


Throughout the home, the design pays homage to the homeowner’s rich familial history—her father is Argentinian and her mother is Spanish—through a substantial collection of original art she inherited that has been passed down through generations. “Their diverse origins and stories add a rich layer of personal significance to the home’s design,” Capiro says. “In the design process, we took great care to incorporate these artworks seamlessly into the overall aesthetic, using them as focal points and color inspirations in various rooms. This ensured that the art not only enriched the visual appeal of the space but also honored the client’s heritage and the cherished stories behind each piece, creating a deeply meaningful and personalized interior design.”

A custom archway frames the office Photographed by Dan Cutrona


From layout to finishes, each decision was made with the homeowner’s lifestyle and preferences in mind. Through careful preservation of the home’s exterior charm, mindful material selections, layered textures, intentional lighting and furniture choices, functional space planning, updating the home’s infrastructure, adhering to stringent preservation regulations, maintaining historical accuracy, skilled craftsmanship, and staying true to the vernacular of the locale, the project resulted in an authentic, welcoming home that fully reflects its owner’s essence. “My design philosophy is prominently evident in this home through a focus on functionality and comfort, personalization, and a commitment to creating a timeless and enduring interior by blending classic and contemporary elements,” Capiro says. “The design approach ensures a visually pleasing and emotionally resonant living space for the client, ultimately achieving a harmonious fusion of historical exterior charm with a fresh and inviting interior aesthetic.”

A sconce from Arteriors Home acts as jewelry in one of the guest bathrooms next to a mirror from Uttermost. Photographed by Dan Cutrona





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