Imagine seeing an empty piece of land, and the next minute you see a near-built, luxury home dropped right on that land via crane.

It seems practically impossible to have a large home—the kind you might see in Beverly Hills or the Hamptons—built with individual parts like a Lego kit, but recent trends seem to imply this is indeed our present and our future.

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According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, It’s out with construction and in with high-end, modular homes. Today’s manufactured homes are leagues above the familiar, smaller mobile homes of less-durable quality. Modular manufactured luxury homes sell for multi-million price tags, offering clients a quick build with their choice of high-end amenities.

The easiest way to think of these brand new modular homes would be children’s Lego blocks. Companies offer customers a series of individual home pieces that can be fit together in a myriad of customizable floor plans.

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“Houses still need to get finished when they arrive on-site,” Brian Abramson, co-founder and CEO of Seattle-based pre-fab home manufacturer Method Homes, is quoted in the WSJ. “so even though we’re doing 50 percent to 80 percent of the work off-site, you still have to connect everything.”

Abramson also notes that a high-end custom home that’s 4,000 to 6,000 square feet can take 16 to 18 months to complete, while a similar manufactured home can be finished in less than a year.

Resolution: 4 Architecture is another high-end manufactured home supplier behind a high-end home designed in Bridgehampton, NY. Not only does the final product boast seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the home features a pool, a solar-powered roof, a pool house and more. The home sold in September of 2020 for just less than $5 million.

The final products look no different than a typical house built from the ground up, and the popularity of such modular homes continues to rise. Clients can request specifics in design, and the size of the house depends on how many modules the final house consists of.

In July, it was widely reported that Tesla tech maven Elon Musk moved into a high-end manufactured home. Read more about the growing trend via the WSJ.