When prepping for a home or room makeover, here are some of our favorite room redesign geniuses in the region. iStock-157168660.jpg

Drysdale Design Associates
Mary Drysdale and her eponymous firm excel in various facets of interior design, whether for intricate or straightforward projects. These encompass planning and documenting interior architecture for existing or new construction and coordinating with contractors. Additionally, the firm demonstrates expertise in interior decoration, collaborating closely with clients to devise furnishing and decorative schemes encompassing movable elements like art, rugs and accessories.

DC Interiors
In the hustle and bustle of the DC area, many residents simply don’t have the time to scour through endless websites or sift through countless fabrics in search of the perfect furniture. They certainly don’t want to drain their wallets in the process. That’s where DC Interiors and its founder, Debby Cooper, step in. She’s dedicated to assisting you in finding that elusive piece, curating the ideal room, or transforming your entire home while keeping your budget intact.

Jennifer Lynn Johnson Design
Jennifer L Johnson is a comprehensive interior design firm based in the mid-Atlantic region, operating out of our studio in the District of Columbia area. JLJ specializes in crafting spaces that prioritize comfort, functionality, authenticity, and personalization. Its portfolio encompasses various projects, from hotel renovations and the preservation of historical buildings to single-family homes, townhomes, lofts, condominiums, and historic row homes.

Jamie Merida Interiors
Founded in 1999 in Easton, Md., Bountiful Interiors started as a charming furniture and decor store curated by owner Jamie Merida. The store quickly gained popularity by offering a delightful array of items sourced from top global brands, unique antiques, and artisanal crafts. Fast forward 20 years and Bountiful Interiors has evolved into a multifaceted design destination.

Responding to customer demand, Bountiful Interiors expanded its services to include full-scale interior design. Jamie Merida Interiors now boasts a team of five talented designers and has garnered recognition in numerous regional and national publications. Additionally, Merida has collaborated with Chelsea House, Inc. to launch a signature furniture and home accents collection.

Samantha Friedman Interior Design
Samantha Friedman Interior Designs is dedicated to crafting exceptional residential spaces through meticulous planning and thoughtful design. Its comprehensive services encompass every aspect of a project, from conceptualization to execution. With a keen eye for color and texture, Friedman guides clients through selecting materials and fabrics to achieve their desired aesthetic. She provides expert guidance and support at every stage, whether embarking on a new construction, renovation or refurbishment project.

Patrick Sutton
Unlike many designers who adhere to a predefined aesthetic, Patrick Sutton approaches each project as a unique narrative—a tale woven from the dreams and aspirations of clients intertwined with the essence of their chosen home. By delving deeply into the intersection of place and ambition, the design firm unearths a narrative that is bespoke to each client and their surroundings, enabling us to craft a design that resonates with authenticity and attention to detail. Through a lifetime of travel, clarity of vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, Sutton brings these stories to life, infusing each project with depth and meaning that speaks volumes about the people we have the privilege to design for.

Farnaday Interiors
Through a collaborative and exploratory process, Katalin Farnady endeavors to unearth her clients’ distinct tastes and narratives. She believes in laying a solid groundwork for each project, respecting design fundamentals, architectural integrity and historical context. By doing so, she can push creative boundaries while staying true to traditional design principles and her clients' unique vision. Drawing inspiration from art, furnishings, fashion, and her global adventures, Farnay crafts designs that are both refined and functional. Her fearless approach to fabrics, patterns, and furnishings ensures an unforgettable journey within any space. With Katalin Farnady, expect the unexpected—a bold and adventurous design experience awaits.

Interior Matter
Interior Matter, founded by Sarita Simpson, is a comprehensive residential interior design studio catering to clients in DC, Marylandand Virginia. This incredibly creative team relishes opportunities to work on projects in diverse locales such as beach, country and mountain homes. The firm creates flawless design and understands its significance in their clients’ lives and how it enhances a sense of fulfillment and serenity. Embracing a philosophy of clean, modern, and timeless aesthetics, Interior Matter prioritizes your most cherished possessions and aspirations.