Lick x Soho House paint collection; Beige 02: Soho Farmhouse

Beige 02: Soho Farmhouse

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in a Soho House, you know every part of the experience has been curated to exude comfort and luxury. From the scented lotions in the bathroom to the paint on the walls, it’s all about creating a vibe.

Now, thanks to a new paint partnership with home-decor brand Lick, you can get the look of your favorite Soho House in your own home.

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“When Lucas and Sam launched Lick back in 2019, our mission was to make decorating accessible and enjoyable, and to really help people transform their houses into homes that they love,” says Lick’s color psychologist, Tash Bradley.

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Gray 08: Amsterdam

Gray 08: Amsterdam House

Over the years, Bradley says Lick has consulted with more than 2,500 decorators on color palettes for homes, and 43 percent of those clients expressed interest in the colors found in Soho House locations around the world.

The demand was obvious, so Bradley and the team worked with the Soho House crew to conceptualize the right lineup of paint shades that will bring that feeling of comfort and luxury to every sort of space.

“Color is such a key part of how we design the Houses,” says Candy Murray, Soho Home interior design manager. “We like to use color in a non-traditional way, and that color story runs as a thread throughout the spaces in the Houses, giving each one a unique color identity. It’s exciting to have worked with Lick to create this edited palette that emulates the ethos of a particular House, inspiring relaxed, sociable living in people’s homes.”

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Green 05: Soho House Rome

Green 05: Rome House

The line features eight shades designed to inspire relaxation in a variety of hues.

“From a color psychology perspective, we have four warm, earthy neutrals and jeweled, energizing tones,” Bradley says. “From calming neutrals inspired by Soho Farmhouse to warming jeweled tones that echo Brooklyn’s Dumbo House; these pigment-rich, mood-boosting colors are specially designed to bring depth and style to your home.”

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Greige 02: Soho Warehouse

Greige 02: Soho Warehouse

Broken down into specifics, the line is made up of Purple 03, representing Dumbo House in NYC; Teal 03, representing the blue-green of 76 Dean Street in London; Taupe 03 which brings Mykono’s Soho Roc House to your home; the dusty olive-toned Green 05 that harkens back to Rome House; the grounding Beige 02 which can be enjoyed at the UK’s Soho Farmhouse; Pink 13 which catches the light of a Nashville sunset; Greige 02, reminiscent of the Soho Warehouse in Los Angeles; and the charcoal notes of Gray 08 from Amsterdam House.

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Pink 13: Nashville

Pink 13: Nashville House

“The beauty of this palette is that you can use all eight colors or split the palette into two,” he continues, “light and cozy, and dark and moody. The heavy black pigment means you can use it with confidence and have fun with it.”

See more of this very special paint collection from Lick and Soho House below, then shop each of the unique shades a

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Purple 03: Dumbo

Purple 03: Dumbo House

Lick x Soho House paint collection; Taupe 03: Roc house

Taupe 03: Soho Roc house

lick x soho house paint collection;Teal 03: 76 Dean Street

Teal 03: 76 Dean Street