Liberty’s newest interior fabric collection, Botanical Atlas, uses bold floral motifs and rich colorways to enliven any room. The collection draws inspiration from the travels of the brand’s founder, Sir Arthur Lasenby Liberty, with artistic influences from 1880s-1910s China, Japan, Persia and India adorning the fabrics. Complete with striking flora and fauna, the rich designs bring depth to a space.

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ChristopherHorwood9.jpgChristopherHorwood7.jpgThe collection was designed by amalgamating references to Persian illustrations, Indian Mughal paintings and Japanese Edo art with the organic shapes of plants. The result is lively, intricate designs that effortlessly bring life wherever they are placed. The carefully curated color stories bring even more depth, as Lacquer, Jade, Lapis, Lichen and Pewter alike retain each and every intricate detail.

ChristopherHorwood1.jpgChristopherHorwood4.jpgWe particularly love Floating Pavilion, a print inspired by traditional Chinoiserie wallpaper panels that features large-scale lotus flowers, pavilions, floating sampans and birds in flight. Enchanted Wood is both whimsical and classic, with its winding paths and abundant trees creating beautiful movement among the timeless motifs. To indulge in the moody florals trend, Porcelain Trail in Ink is the perfect choice, as its deep background brings depth to the winding branches and full blooms.

ChristopherHorwood5.jpgChristopherHorwood6.jpgThe Botanical Atlas interior fabric collection will be available to purchase in the United States exclusively through Fabricut beginning in April.