Luther’s wallpaper mural “Fenceline.” PHOTO COURTESY OF MURPHY MAUDE INTERIORS
Luther’s wallpaper mural “Fenceline.” Photo courtesy of Murphy Maude Interiors

Leslie Murphy, along with her talented team of designers at Murphy Maude Interiors (, is redefining what it means to make a house a home.

Art and modern design meet Southern tradition at Murphy Maude Interiors. Based in Memphis, the “Maude Squad” works across multiple disciplines to bring clients a curated, luxury experience when designing their custom space, but what makes Murphy Maude distinguished in their field is their systematic approach to understanding what inspires their clients. “We bring a design plan to our clients that resonates with their core values by delivering entire art plans and art-driven design concepts that speak to their particular life experiences, history and that which brings them joy,” says owner and creative director Leslie Murphy. “This can elevate the beauty and meaning of the spaces in which they live, work and play.” With state-of-the-art technology, their vision comes to life, and in that vision, the firm taps into custom designs to not only make a home, but also to make that home an elevated, sensory experience. Murphy says, “The goal is to really get to the heart of what moves them and integrate that into the built environment.”

Khara Woods’ Scroller stripe wallpaper paired with Brandon Luther’s art piece “Defending Silence” PHOTO COURTESY OF MURPHY MAUDE INTERIORS
Khara Woods’ Scroller stripe wallpaper paired with Brandon Luther’s art piece “Defending Silence.” Photo courtesy of Murphy Maude Interiors

To stay at the forefront of their unique design initiative, the firm released the second volume of the Mable collection. Through their in-house design team, any piece of art can be reproduced by a myriad of products—though at the moment, it’s only available to existing clientele. Murphy Maude made this launch special by recruiting Georgia artist Brandon Luther and Khara Woods to contribute to the exclusive collection. “Both Brandon and Khara’s works speak to the ethos of Mable and are reflective of the collection’s namesake (my grandmother) in that there is a love and appreciation of the arts, connection to the natural world, and the creation and spreading of love and joy whenever possible,” says Murphy. As they continue to bring a modern twist to the South, there is no telling what they will do next. Murphy says, “We’re hoping to further expand the Mable collection through additional artist collaborations in the future. Expanding our product catalog and elevating artists’ voices is important to us.” This firm is as adaptive to trends’ transience as their bespoke art is to an environment.