Beloved fabric company has been creating gorgeous prints since 1823, so they’ve learned a thing or two about perfecting fabric over the last 200 years. Thus, when the brand collaborated with sun hat brand Sarah Bray Bermuda, the result was something special. Lee Jofa x Sarah Bray Bermuda is a limited collection of sun hats adorned with ribbon made of Lee Jofa fabric patterns, resulting in an adorable array of hats we simply can’t choose between.

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2-0009.jpgAs a longtime fan of Lee Jofa, the collaboration was a dream come true for Sarah Bray-West of Sarah Bray Bermuda. The collection celebrates Lee Jofa’s monumental 200-year anniversary, so Bray-West borrowed from the brand’s 200-year-old archives to create the stunning ribbons. Long beloved patterns such as Chinese Peony, Althea, Floral Bouquet and Whitaker make an appearance, wrapping her naturally-made sun hats. Best of all? The interchangeable ribbon design allows for quick style swaps between patterns, giving you multiple looks with the same hat.

"Lee Jofa’s iconic chintzes make the most dreamy ribbons for my sun hats,” shares Bray-West. “After spending a decade working as a magazine editor covering interior design, I moved to Bermuda and opened a sun hat shop. It’s a dream come true to collaborate with the iconic fabric house Lee Jofa to celebrate their 200th anniversary." Never have to leave your favorite Lee Jofa design at home on your pillows again, as these fabrics are now just as on-the-go as you are.