Titled Empreinte Animale Chapter II, Lalique's latest collection draws inspiration from the splendor of flora and fauna that originally enamored René Lalique. Paying homage to nature’s wonders, some of the world’s fiercest figures are immortalized in delicate Lalique crystal.

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lalique-empreinte-animale-chap2-2022-at-samuel-guigues-44-1689778712.jpglalique-empreinte-animale-chap2-2022-at-samuel-guigues-45-1688564535.jpgThe 24-piece collection supplements Empreinte Animale Chapter I, which was released earlier this year and includes decorative objects, jewelry, scents and a four-piece capsule collection of archive pieces crafted in a dark green color.

lalique-empreinte-animale-chap2-2022-at-samuel-guigues-18-1688565015.jpglalique-empreinte-animale-chap2-2022-at-samuel-guigues-10-1689778724.jpgWe particularly love the Panthére vases, black and white pieces featuring subtly a spotted print and the velvety touch of panthers in a gorgeous satin-brushed polished finish. For the daring, there’s no better choice than Timbavati Lioness, a ready-to-pounce lioness sculpture that pays tribute to the South African reserve where rare white lions can be found in the wild.