Atlantan Kwynn Everest’s new store brings new and exciting brands to the local tableware space.

Store owner Kwynn Everest Caroline Perrott
Store owner Kwynn Everest

“From a very young age I’ve always loved entertaining people. I enjoy finding the perfect gift for someone and making someone’s day a little brighter,” says Kwynn Everest, founder, owner and operator of her new tableware store, Odd McLean, located in Ansley Mall. “I knew from the beginning stages of Odd McLean I wanted my store to be welcoming and approachable. I want to offer something quirky and fun, yet sophisticated. Whether it’s a baby gift, wedding gift or gift for yourself, I want to offer unique finds that bring a little extra joy.” The Atlanta native discovered her love for interiors and entertaining while dabbling in part-time retail positions, using her grandfather—Odd McLean Stephens—as the inspiration for her own retail concept. “Odd McLean is my grandfather and he is a quirky man! He will be 85 this fall, and he is just such a unique person. He loves his family and a good laugh—and I wanted to reflect that in the store,” says Everest. “The art of gift-giving and home design doesn’t have to be taken too seriously, it just comes down to what puts a smile on your face at the end of the day.” At the brick-and-mortar, expect curated vendors from all around the world, bringing fresh perspective and style to Atlanta. “Odd McLean’s goal is to bridge generations, highlight up-and-coming artisans, and offer something fun and unique for everyone,” says Everest. Currently in store this spring, shop brands like Cabana from Italy, Sabre from Paris and Themis Z from Greece, as well as Richard Ginori, La Rochere, Atelier Saucier, L’Objet, Tina Frey Designs, Addison Ross, Taschen, The Floral Society, Mercedes Salazar and many, many more! 1544 Piedmont Ave. NE, Ste. 226,