A San Diego style and beauty blogger enlists designer Kelly Hinchman to create her dream closet: a spot to display fashion, gather with friends and inspire her next outfit.

Photographed by Jenny Siegwart
Photographed by Jenny Siegwart

Creating a closet for Suyapa Lucy Hernandez (lucyswhims.com) isn’t merely a matter of installing rods, shelves and storage. The 43-year-old fashion and beauty blogger with more than 275,000 Instagram followers required next-level design solutions to house her ever-growing collection of clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Born in Barcelona to parents from Colombia and Honduras, Hernandez immigrated to the United States in her early teens. Today, the she lives in San Diego with her husband, two children and a closet that reflects her current mood, obsessions—and even design collaborations. “This is my first walk-in closet, ever, so I really wanted to create that Carrie Bradshaw moment for myself,” says Hernandez. “Not only a place to house my wardrobe but also a place where I could work, style and create content for my followers.”

The influencer tapped Kelly Hinchman, founder of San Diego-based Studio H Design Group (studioh-int.com), to help transform her closet into a high-functioning, high-style reality.

San Diego-based blogger Suyapa Lucy Hernandez in the closet of her dreams, designed by Kelly Hinchman Photographed by Jenny Siegwart
San Diego-based blogger Suyapa Lucy Hernandez in the closet of her dreams, designed by Kelly Hinchman Photographed by Jenny Siegwart

“Lucy is a veteran in the fashion business so knew exactly what she wanted when it came to her closet,” says Hinchman of the high-ceilinged, wide-plank oak-floored space where mostly open shelving runs from floor to ceiling, giving Hernandez instant visual access to her wardrobe. Hinchman designed the house, but for the closet, Hernandez had a very specific design vision that Hinchman brought to life, with abundant open space that connects to the bathroom. High ceilings, double doors and beautiful finishes make it a perfect extension of the primary suite.

Here are Hinchman’s pro tips to curate your own dream closet at home.


“When designing any closet—and especially one with a major wardrobe in mind—it is important to organize by ‘departments.’ This creates a space that is both functional and aesthetically beautiful and allows you to ‘shop’ your own wardrobe as you are getting dressed.”


“If you have the space, we like to mix handbags with shoes to create vignettes and styled moments in the closet. This contributes to the curated shopping look. I love working with closet designer and stylist Amy Richmond from Outfitted; she does an amazing job making closets look and feel like a gems in a department store.”


“Successful designing starts with research, so our first phase in a closet design is to take inventory with the client. We review linear feet of short and long hanging clothes, as well as quantity and sizes of shoes, bags and other accessories. Next, we determine the ‘departments’ and how much space they require. Typical departments include resortwear; activewear; blouses, blazers and business attire; denim; outerwear; and so on.”

Photographed by Jenny Siegwart
Photographed by Jenny Siegwart


“Lighting can be a great way to make a powerful statement in a closet, as well as including a graphic rug or soft seating as we did in Lucy’s closet. It is so important to feel beautiful in your surroundings while you are dressing, so we always like to treat the closet to the same level of finishes as the primary suite. Beautiful lighting and materials are a must.”


“One way to maximize storage for accessories is to extend shelving all the way to the ceiling to optimize every inch of the room. In Lucy’s closet, she also included pull-down rods to double hanging length, while shoes are organized on shelves that roll out for easy access.”


“A wardrobe is tailor-made for giving fashion the high-art treatment. Use open shelving to display some of your most treasured items. Hat stands, jewelry stands and even small pieces of sculpture are great to hold things up in a way that looks merchandized.”


“If you are like me and need coffee within moments of rising, I suggest including a coffee station and paneled refrigerator drawer or minifridge in the closet. Islands are always functional for packing and planning outfits for trips. I also feel that you can’t have enough telescoping vanity rods—they are perfect for storing curated outfits for future plans. Lastly, restyle the open shelf areas each season. Swap out bags, shoes, hats and other accessories every so often. It’s a great way to keep your closet looking stylish and fresh.”


“If possible, we love to include room for a few people to sit and gather, because what’s more fun than getting dressed with a girlfriend or your stylist?”

Photographed by Jenny Siegwart
Photographed by Jenny Siegwart


Here, Hernandez shares some of the standout clothing and accessory pieces gracing her new closet.

“My first Chanel bag; it was a purchase I made for myself after achieving a big professional goal. After years of working and not really feeling sure I was pursuing the right path, it felt like the universe said ‘Keep going!’ I’ll always remember that achievement.”

“My Balenciaga boots; they are basically the personification of me. Tough, edgy, comfortable. They’re pretty beat up, but I love them so much and they’ve traveled with me everywhere so I’ll never get rid of them.”

“My Nour Hammour studded jacket; it’s an absolute work of art and makes me feel like a badass!”