Cultivating Lifestyles and Curating Homes - we are more than a design firm. We show our clients how to function in their beautiful homes. Each client gets individual attention to their design style and how to live in the rooms we design. Everything from the furniture to the serving pieces they entertain with. We work with our clients to save time and money they would waste on design errors. We have access to the best skilled professionals, the latest and greatest products with unique and wow results. A home that reflects who our clients are...not a forced design of the moment.


Our Story: Beautifully Functional Design
Creating an environment that infuses the wants, the needs and the unique personality of my client is how I approach each design project. A house is a homeowners sanctuary, their retreat and personal space in this big world we live in. I want my client's home not only be beautiful but highly functional and to age gracefully....a place to create memories! My client focused approach, personalized service and ability to weave modern elegance into traditional spaces allows for functional daily living for today's busy families. Capturing the personality of the space and client and infusing both into the design makes each of Kat Nelson Design's projects unique.


As a child, part of a military family we lived around and traveled the world. I have seen firsthand many of the beautiful places this world has to offer and naturally drawn to beautiful things. I was always putting things together uniquely. It took me a while to realize this was actually my gift. I bring this passion and love of beauty into every one of my design projects, blending beautiful layered textures, a variety of finishes with eclectic and unexpected twists.


Kat Nelson Designs has over 17 years of experience as a full service design firm, based in Atlanta Georgia. Our projects exist from West to East coast with many repeat clients.