Karl Lagerfeld Maison Debuts Its First-Ever Furniture Collection


Iconic brand Karl Lagerfeld Maison debuted its first-ever furniture collection at Milan Design Week.

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Inspired by Lagerfeld’s passion for interior design, the collection offers a glimpse into the brand’s ability to combine contemporary creativity and artisanal craftsmanship. Renowned interior designer Matteo Nunziati collaborated with the Maison, resulting in a harmonious collection with a clear vision. Each piece is made in Italy and the furniture groups are named after Lagerfeld’s favorite neighborhoods of Paris, including the Saint-Germain and Saint-Guillaume living areas and bedroom sets, the Quai Voltaire kitchen, and the Rue de l’Université lighting collection. Each season, the Maison will invite an external guest designer to collaborate on future collections.

A palette of black and white contrasts with neutral tones and pops of red for a balanced finish. Angular lines juxtapose with soft silhouettes to bring balance to each piece. The three-person Saint Germain sofa is perfect for those with limited storage, as it doubles as a small library with built-in shelves perfect for horizontally stacked books or display pieces. Lagerfeld’s love of books and collection of over 300,000 volumes inspired the design. Each piece in the Saint-Germain collection features neat lines and harmonious accents.

The Saint-Guillaume collection demonstrates the power of a minimalistic aesthetic, as it provides the perfect backdrop for creativity to flow. Classic details are cleverly buried within contemporary design, yielding timeless pieces that feel both comfortable and intimate. The Saint-Guillaume coffee table feels distinctly art deco thanks to its layered heights and finishes.

The Quai Voltaire collection heroes the impact of the Bauhaus school through rational and functional finishes that are decidedly unfussy. Strong lines, rigid volumes and luxurious finishes prevail in this kitchen and dining room set.

Finally, the Rue De l’Université lighting collection has the ability to elevate nearly any space. Rounded shapes provide diffused lighting in both the stand-alone pieces and the suspending compositions, providing an equally functional and beautiful design.

Contemporary yet classic, rigid yet soft, Karl Lagerfeld Maison’s debut into furniture promises to continue to honor the ultra-talented multihyphenate that is the house’s namesake.

Photography by: Daniel SIMON / Getty Images