Tribute Goods ( has taken the Houston market by storm with its luxurious Italian linens. We tapped owner Karen Pulaski to help us learn about how best to savor the sweetest of dreams.

Pulaski is pulling back the covers on putting your best bed forward. PHOTO BY JULIE SOEFER
Pulaski is pulling back the covers on putting your best bed forward.

It has become abundantly clear that Tribute Goods has climbed to the top of the shopping heap—tell us what makes it unique. All of our bedding collections are designed in Houston but are digitally printed and produced in a third-generation, family-owned mill outside of Milan. We collaborate with fine artists, seasoned linen purveyors and Italian graphic designers to create the original artwork that becomes each printed collection.

Tell us a bit more about your journey. I have been in the luxury linens space for almost nine years. I have definitely earned my 10,000 hours in making beds! As an interior designer, I have always loved textiles and especially bedding. Something about helping create the most intimate space for clients, myself or my loved ones is so special. Often when working with clients, we become part of the project’s design team—we collect materials samples, look at paint swatches and color palettes, and talk to clients in depth about how they want to feel in a space. It’s quite the education!

We’ve noticed a significant shift in what’s at the forefront of importance for turning your bedroom into the ultimate sanctuary. Why do you think that is? I feel like people want to spoil themselves now more than ever. A refined and orderly bedroom balances the chaotic world that we find ourselves in. Making your bedroom a sanctuary is literally medicinal at this point. Splurging on the most luxurious Italian bedding and cashmere blankets makes sense to our customers. It is a lifestyle choice that has become prioritized. Time-tested traditional styles are more in than ever. There’s a return to what was—and we love it.

Can you peel back the covers on the key essentials? Every bed needs its foundation to be the most luxurious item on the bed. The fitted and flat [sheets] and pillowcases should be the highest quality. Those are the closest to your skin and have an impact on your sleep and sense of comfort.

What’s at the top of your must-splurge list? A high-quality goose down sleeping pillow.

Top trends on your radar? Coverlets are always a big seller for top-of-bed. Also, lightweight silk and cashmere blankets are popular year-round. We are seeing people looking for things outside of their comfort zone, whether a pop of color or a departure from all-white bedding. We are also seeing less and less monograms.

As people have learned to spend more time at home and truly revel in comfort and relaxation, how has this changed your design approach? We have also been upgrading guest bedrooms and adult children’s rooms too! Families are staying together for longer visits, and I think every bedroom in the house has become important to homeowners. It’s nice to work on these projects knowing that the intention is more togetherness for the family.