Jose Ludovino Sanchez, AIA, designs homes under a few principles: they’re thoughtful, sculptural and speak to a sense of place.

A rendering of a modern home in Miami Beach designed by Praxis Architecture features slatted wood details and openings that frame sky views. RENDERING COURTESY OF PRAXIS ARCHITECTURE

Where do you draw inspiration from? “I am interested in projects that, with economy of means, achieve a great sense of space and place, such as courtyard townhouses in Vietnam and similar projects in Asia and South America. I’m also interested in modern sculpture, where abstraction and rigor converge to create a singular expression. The inspiration is not a direct translation, since architecture is inherently different and must work in many ways, but rather we adopt an attitude where each gesture carries meaning, and the result is personal.”

Jose Ludovino Sanchez, AIA, is the creative force behind
Jose Ludovino Sanchez, AIA, is the creative force behind Praxis Architecture PORTRAIT BY DAVID HERNANDEZ

What are your favorite innovative materials to use? “In our ongoing projects, we’re incorporating synthetic wood panels like Parklex Prodema and premium sustainable treated wood such as Accoya. The inherent warmth these materials bring is almost essential for dwellings and universally appreciated, but given the challenging climate conditions we face, even hardwood will show signs of distress within months. We are always looking for sustainable alternatives to wood in terms of sourcing, lifecycle and, of course, the need to weather gracefully. The precision of the thin joints in panel format like Parklex adds a refined touch, evoking the craftsmanship of custom cabinetry on the exteriors.”


The firm uses architectural features like screens to create interest PHOTO BY BLANCO DESIGN

Can you walk me through your architecture philosophy: “In our architecture, we reflect our sub-tropical climate and use the modern architectural tradition of our region as a starting point. Courtyards are a signature element for us. Modulating natural light is essential, infusing our spaces with vitality and warmth, as are architectural features like deep overhangs and delicate screens. We also pay homage to the aesthetics we admire, including the work of Alfred Browning Parker—we’ve had the privilege to renovate and extend one of his projects. Yet, we’re not content to simply rest on nostalgia. Innovation is our compass; each project is an opportunity to experiment and infuse a touch of the unexpected.”

Praxis honors a sense of place through its use of materiality. PHOTO BY BLANCO DESIGN

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