JeffLeatham.jpegRenowned floral designer Jeff Leatham has released a collection of gorgeous faux florals with Williams Sonoma.

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Leatham’s signature artistic vision and impeccable design are combined with Williams Sonoma’s unwavering quality for a collaboration that is both timeless and contemporary. With each and every component feeling incredibly soft and lifelike, guests will never know these florals are not the real deal.

JeffLeathamFauxPeonyHydrangea.jpegAs is true of each of Leatham’s creations, the real-touch designs are captivating, from long-stem bouquets to faux floral arrangements. Perfect for long-lasting displays, the designs are fitting for all locations and seasons, allowing customers to enjoy them all year long. Each bloom and stem is shaped, painted and assembled by hand, ensuring unmatched quality and an organic finish.

We particularly love the real-touch faux white peonies and hydrangeas, which are painted with whispers of pink on the petals’ edges for added dimension.

JeffLeathamFauxSucculentsInRoundBowl.jpegYou also can't go wrong with the faux succulents in a round bowl, which are hand-arranged in a minimalist vessel that allows the faux plants to shine. Perfect for a powder room or kitchen, the arrangement contains over 20 assorted faux succulents crafted of plastic and wire. No matter your existing decor, Leatham’s timeless and versatile collaboration with Williams Sonoma brings an added layer of sophistication and freshness to any space.