For over eighty years JB Sash & Door has been capturing the light.Seamlessly connect to the outdoors with the Marvin Ultimate Mulit-Slide door PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BRANDSeamlessly connect to the outdoors with the Marvin Ultimate Mulit-Slide door

In 1940, a custom millwork shop opened with the goal of designing windows and doors for New England’s unique architecture. 84 years later, the family-owned JB Sash & Door has navigated the evolving demands of the construction and design industry by embracing both its heritage as a custom millwork shop, while also staying at the forefront of the industry by offering the latest technology as the leading Marvin window and door dealer in New England. “Our commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in our history,” says Ron Bertolami, co-owner of JB Sash. “Our custom millwork shop continues to thrive, crafting hundreds of replica windows to preserve the charm of our historic districts. At the same time, we have a constant focus on product innovations, design trends and emphasize sustainability with our top-of-the-line Marvin window and door products.”

They’ve recently released a range of smart windows and doors that can be programmed to respond to temperature and humidity—windows will automatically open to cool the house or close when rain is detected. With the new technology, homeowners also have the ability to control the doors and windows via a smartphone app or existing smart home platforms. “Imagine your home not just responding to your commands, but anticipating your needs and adjusting the indoor climate to your exact preference without you having to lift a finger. It’s about bringing convenience, energy efficiency and security together in a way that was unimaginable just a few years ago,” says Bertolami.

Marvin’s Connected Home automated products incorporate the latest technology with modern design. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BRAND
Marvin’s Connected Home automated products incorporate the latest technology with modern design.

In order to appropriately show off this futuristic equipment and allow customers to envision what the product could do for their home, JB Sash has recently renovated their 3000-square-foot showroom. “We have an entire pavilion dedicated to Marvin’s modern product line where customers can see all the details up close,” says Bertolami. Spanning two floors, the showroom also showcases the company’s wide range of services and more traditional styles. “It’s an immersive experience designed to inspire, inform and transform any project. You’re not just coming for a product, but for an education,” Bertolami continues. Homeowners embarking on a new build or a renovation can work with the expert, on-site team to learn about options and materials specific to their environment and style. “Windows are probably one of the larger investments and we ask the right questions to understand the project, assess goals and provide solutions so the customer is happy and excited about their choices,” says Bertolami. JB Sash also collaborates closely with architects and builders to provide expertise on installation requirements and product selection. This partnership ensures that everything meets design specifications and also functions optimally once installed.

Another valuable resource at JB Sash is their ability to design and build windows specific to a space, especially replacement windows needed for a historic renovation. Giving an older property a new life comes with its share of headach

Enjoy natural sunlight with Marvin skylights PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BRAND
Enjoy natural sunlight with Marvin skylights

es because all work needs to be approved by a commission board with vigorous criteria for what replacement windows can look like. JB Sash will consult with the client and bring detailed pictures and drawings for approval by the Architectural District Commissions of Boston. Once the design is approved, they create new windows on-site in Chelsea, branded JB Proper Bostonian, that historically match their older counterpart. A passerby wouldn’t notice the upgrade, but anyone inside the house would, as the newer versions are much more energy efficient.

Reducing bills and having a smaller carbon footprint is available to any homeowner, and not just those renovating a historical home. JB Sash offers a range of energy-efficient products that are tailored to meet the expectations of environmentally conscious clients and stringent building codes. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and materials, JB Sash’s products not only contribute to lower energy consumption but also play a significant role in reducing the carbon footprint. “At JB Sash, we understand that the cornerstone of any building’s performance and energy efficiency lies in its exterior envelope, particularly the quality of its windows and doors; our dedicated team is committed to collaborating closely with architects, builders and homeowners to help seamlessly blend code compliance with the aesthetic and functional aspirations of every project,” says Bertolami.

Over the past 84 years, JB Sash & Door has seen design trends come and go. But the one thing that customers always want is a home filled with sunshine. “Our passion is capturing light. We bring the outdoors in,” says Bertolami.